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Paved stone driveways are vibrant and naturally beautiful, making it easier than ever to add style and elegance to a traditionally non-elegant aspect of an outdoor space. In addition to the added elegance pavers provide, the welcoming feeling that a paved driveway creates also contributes to creating curb appeal. Professionally installed driveway pavers are strong enough to handle long term wear and tear created by cars, trucks, RVs, and boats regularly driving and parking on them without cracking. And, because of their low moisture absorption rate, driveway paving stones are less likely to become spotted or discolored.

Paved Driveway Designs & Inspiration

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Driveway Paver FAQs
Can you use pavers on sloped driveways?

Yes, pavers can be used on sloped driveways. We always make sure proper measures are taken during the design installation to prevent downslope movement.

Can you put pavers over a concrete driveway?

To ensure maximum stability and strength, pavers should not be laid over a concrete driveway. The concrete should be removed and a solid, joint sand stabilizing base should be installed.

How long does a paver driveway last?

Our paver installations are designed to last a lifetime. We’re so confident in our work that every paver project we complete is backed by our 25-year workmanship warranty.


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