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Stone Driveway Paver Types

Your home’s architecture should be reflected in the type of stone used for your paved driveway. Whether your home is contemporary, traditional, Mediterranean, or any other style, we’ll recommend driveway pavers that will blend seamlessly with its design.

Color Varieties

Unlike cement driveways, which are limited in color options, our driveway pavers are available in a variety of hues that can be customized to complement your home’s existing color scheme. Our wide color selection also allows for the creation of patterns and designs, which can add to the visual interest of your home.

Style Varieties

Whether you want a simple, uniform look or an intricate, eye-catching pattern, we can make it happen. Our wide selection of stone colors and ability to create completely custom designs allows us to offer something unique for every home and every homeowner.

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Paved stone driveways are vibrant and naturally beautiful, making it easier than ever to add style and elegance to a traditionally non-elegant aspect of an outdoor space. In addition to the added elegance pavers provide, the welcoming feeling that a paved driveway creates also contributes to creating curb appeal.


Professionally installed driveway pavers are strong enough to handle long term wear and tear created by cars, trucks, RVs, and boats regularly driving and parking on them without cracking. And, because of their low moisture absorption rate, driveway paving stones are less likely to become spotted or discolored. When you partner with us for your paver driveway installation, you can feel confident your pavers will complement your home and last for years to come.

Low Maintenance

Because of our pavers’ impressive durability, the driveway pavers we install require very little upkeep. Simply hosing the pavers down or sweeping them off from time to time will keep the stones looking pristine in the long run.

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Custom Packages

No two driveway paver projects are exactly alike.That’s because we customize our designs and installation for each individual homeowner’s driveway pavers needs. Our design experts will consider your home’s style, color scheme, layout, and more as they craft a custom design tailored entirely to your home. Your professionally installed stone paved driveway will stand out distinctly from the concrete driveways on your block, making your home the envy of the neighborhood and potentially adding significant value to your property.

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Driveway Gallery

Paved Driveway Designs &
Inspiration Gallery

Professionally Installed Driveway Pavers

Explore some of our completed installed driveway paver designs to find inspiration for your driveway project.

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System Pavers 25-Year Warranty

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System Pavers has software to get a preview of what your home will look like after pavers installation

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Driveway Paver FAQs

Can you use pavers on sloped driveways?

Yes, pavers can be used on sloped driveways. We always make sure proper measures are taken during the design installation to prevent downslope movement.

Can you put pavers over a concrete driveway?

To ensure maximum stability and strength, pavers should not be laid over a concrete driveway. The concrete should be removed and a solid, joint sand stabilizing base should be installed.

How long does a paver driveway last?

Our paver installations are designed to last a lifetime. We’re so confident in our work that every paver project we complete is backed by our 25-year workmanship warranty.


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