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Paver patio with water fountain feature, pergola, dining area, and outdoor fireplace

Ways To Keep Your Pavers Clean And Pristine

Published Date: Jul 25, 2016

There is perhaps nothing more satisfying than looking out your kitchen window at a beautiful backyard in the morning. As you sit at the kitchen table drizzling syrup on your pancakes, hot off the skillet, you watch the day's first sun rays light up the outdoor space. The artificial grass is brilliantly green, the garden is in full bloom, and there's a blemish on your custom patio pavers.

Nope - not in your yard! Your work hard to have a gorgeous home, and while accidents happen, you can prevent mishaps from ruining your attractive space. With the expert guidance from System Pavers, you can keep your pavers pristine with minimal maintenance.

Nature's clutter A common pain point among homeowners is Mother Nature's tendency to dust the world with branches and leaves. Remnants of your neighbor's tree will no doubt find their way to your beautiful paved walkways or patio, and clearing the space is simple. Just take a broom and sweep away the foliage and twigs.

You might see more than dead leaves amid your beautiful pavers. Some homeowners have spotted new life sprouting from the spaces between stones. First, don't panic if you see weeds! They are not coming from underneath your pavers - System Pavers uses an advanced installation process that prevents plants from growing beneath your stones. Rather, the wind may have blown the seed, which then made itself at home on top of the paver joints. Take back your space by using Roundup to target the pesky plants. Then, hose the surface down the next day.

Don't let falling leaves ruin your picture-perfect backyard.

Everyday dust Consider what would happen if your left a car parked in your garage for months. You'd likely see a layer of dust form on the surface if the vehicle was left untouched. That's exactly what happens to pavers. If they ever look "dirty," you're probably just seeing naturally occurring dust.

Clean your stone pavers as needed by spraying the surface with a hose. You can wait until you spot unwanted dust to do this, or you can spritz the surface on a more regular basis. Routinely hosing the patio down won't harm the stones.

Spots and stains As a homeowner, you're likely all too familiar with the words "oh no!" often previewed by a sharp gasp. When you hear that, something definitely spilled. Whether it was your gal pal Sheryl dropping her wine glass full cabernet sauvignon at your dinner party or your son letting his ketchup-doused cheeseburger slip off the plate during a family cookout, don't panic. Even if deep-red liquid manages to find its way onto your pavers, you can still keep them looking pristine.

While there are many cleaners available, System Pavers recommends Simple Green. This has worked many times for homeowners trying to scrub out a stain on their walkways or patio. While you don't have to use Simply Green, definitely avoid bleach. Additionally, if you opt for a different cleaner, test it on a corner or inconspicuous area to ensure it won't damage your pavers. That last thing you want is for a small spill to turn into a giant mess.

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Don't let stains ruin your outdoor sanctuary.

Seal for security While not a necessity, sealing your pavers can keep them looking beautiful for years to come. The color of the stones may fade over the decades, but protecting them with sealant can help prevent this from occurring. Plus, if an especially tough liquid like grease gets on your pavers, having a sealant will make for much easier cleaning.

Stone pavers are not only low-maintenance but also absolutely stunning. It takes minimal effort to keep your pavers looking pristine, so you can focus on enjoying your backyard instead of taking care of it.

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