Why Choose Pavers Over Concrete?

Are pavers better than concrete? Definitely! When it comes to deciding which surface is the most worthy investment for your home, the answer might not immediately be clear. Although concrete may be the first material that comes to mind, stone pavers are actually a far superior choice when considering durability, beauty and curb appeal for your driveway, walkway, or patio.

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Designed to handle up to 8,000 PSI

Doesn't crack easily

Sharp angled joint sand allows weight to balance

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Designed to handle up to only 4,000 PSI

Cracks easily

Doesn't evenly distribute weight

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Our manufacturers guarantee the quality of their paving stone products

And we offer an exclusive workmanship warranty on all paver installations

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Designed to last up to 15 years

Typically no warranty on concrete since it's a rigid, easily crackable surface

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Unlimited customization options

Offered in a wide variety of stone colors, shapes, patterns and designs

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

No variety in colors/style

Provides little to no customization outside of choosing shape based on area concrete will be poured

Curb Appeal
Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Improved overall curb appeal

Doesn't discolor over time

Seen as an investment and can help increase home's overall property value

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Looks plain and dated

Discolors over time

Seen as an expense and can hurt overall property value

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Ability to blend designs with outdoor elements such as BBQ islands, fire pits, and water features

Pavers vs concrete | systempavers.com

Does not compliment other outdoor elements. Break in colors and styles causes design confusion and mismatch

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Pavers vs Other Materials

Other materials such as asphalt, stamped concrete, mortar-set brick, and flagstone, also serve as alternative hardscape surface choices. But when it comes time to compare all their features and benefits, none are superior to pavers. Click any of the surface options below to see how it compares to paving stones.

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