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Interlocking Paving Stone Pool Decks

Ask anyone with a pool deck made from our interlocking paving stones and you’ll discover a dozen new reasons why no other pool decking solution even comes close to a System Pavers pool deck. The most obvious attraction of our paving stone pool decks is the incredible style that they offer to your home. With a host of options to choose from, you’ll never have to settle for a pool deck that’s identical to what your neighbors may have in their backyards.

For many homeowners, it would be enough that our paving stone pool decks are an attractive and stylish addition to their outdoor living spaces. However, at System Pavers, we can provide you with much more than style and function. Our pool decks can also provide you with years of unbeatable, lowmaintenance performance while significantly increasing the market value of your home. The added safety bonuses of the paver’s natural nonslip surface cannot and should not be overlooked either.

Choosing Pavers for Pool Decks

When it comes to building and renovating pool decks, there are many options to choose from so making a decision may be a bit overwhelming. However, it’s clear to those who have done the research that pavers offer many clear advantages over other options.

First, pooldeck pavers provide you with a simple way to improve your home’s overall value. Whether you plan on keeping the home in your family forever or selling it in the future, you’re benefiting in a big way from the investment. Pavers require very little maintenance and are guaranteed to last for years to come, even with the constant presence of chlorinated or salt water, plus the considerable foot traffic your pool deck will receive over time.

The dense material of paving stones helps to resist staining, as well as resists the growth of algae and mildew remarkably well. The nonskid surface also provides an extra measure of safety to homeowners by decreasing the chance of dangerous slips and falls. Finally, you'll never have to deal with standing pools of water because we install drainage to direct water off your pavers.

Design Benefits of Pavers for Pool Decks

The variety of paving stone options available allows us to create a pool deck perfectly suited to your needs and style. We can even draw inspiration from the architectural details from your home and other outdoor elements for a beautifully unified look in your outdoor space. We have over 50 colors, shapes, and sizes of paver s to choose from so the design options are limitless.

Whether you are looking for something basic or something artistic and complex, System Pavers can match your needs exactly and help you to design and install a pool deck that is ideally matched to you, your home and your lifestyle.

25-Year Pool Deck Warranty

Never think that our service ends once we have completed your pool deck. All System Pavers’ products come with an incredible 25year warranty, which will even transfer to future homeowners in the event that you move before the warranty expires. When you select a pool deck from System Pavers you can rest with confidence that you will be fully satisfied with your decision.

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