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4 Reasons Why Pool Pavers Are The Best Choice For Your Pool Surface

Published Date: Apr 16, 2018

Adding a beautiful swimming pool to the backyard is a milestone for many families. However, it is also an involved process that takes weeks and requires much work before completion. One of the areas that homeowners often ignore until the last moment is the pool surface, though it is arguably one of the more important considerations. This is because the surface area surrounding a pool is used almost daily.

Many materials are available for pool surfaces, but one stands out: Pavers. Pool pavers offer benefits that other materials do not. Here are four reasons why pool pavers are the best choice for a pool’s surface.


It is incredibly unpleasant to get out of a pool when the surface is slippery. It is difficult to grip adequately, and the result can be an uncomfortable or dangerous fall. No homeowner wants that type of issue when they are having fun with the family or entertaining guests. Pool pavers ensure slipping will not be a recurring problem.

Pavers are naturally non-stick surfaces, even when exposed to moisture. When someone steps out of a pool dripping wet, he or she will have proper traction with each step. Pool pavers dramatically reduce the risk of slips or falls.


Concrete is a tempting choice for a pool surface, but it lacks the charm of pool pavers. When the installation of interlocking pavers is complete, homeowners are stunned at how incredible the pool area appears. They help transform an outdoor space into a gorgeous landscape that is perfect for hosting parties, entertaining family or enjoying a relaxing weekend outside.

pool with paver deck


Pavers offer homeowners a myriad of design choices during the installation process. Each home’s architecture is unique, and each homeowner has their tastes. Pavers come in many different colors and styles. Finding a match with the home’s existing design is very easy.  The result is a pool that blends in with the rest of the house and outdoor space.

It is even possible to construct pavers with more than one type of stone. It is all about finding the best combination of stones, colors, and designs to create a cohesive and stunning surface.


It is very frustrating to go through the effort of having a surface installed around the pool, only to see it fall apart within a few years. Interlocking pavers are not going to cause such problems. Pavers are twice as durable as concrete, and they will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance required. Since pavers interlock with each other during the installation, damaged areas are simple to fix.

The problem with concrete is the surface’s rigidity. It often cracks, which means repairs are needed every few years. With pool pavers, there is almost no required maintenance each year. The material is also resistant to mold and other issues that can arise with continuous water exposure.

Having a pool outside the home is a momentous occasion for any family. Pool pavers ensure the area around the pool looks stunning, is very safe, and remains intact for decades.

pool with paver deck

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