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Creating mood and ambiance with fire and water features

Creating mood and ambiance with fire and water features

Jan 18 2019

Fire and water elements are known to naturally bring a relaxing ambiance to any outdoor space. Enjoying the soothing sounds of running water while enjoying a good book or cozying up by the fire with a glass of wine are two of many relaxing activities that pair perfectly with these elements.

Let’s dive a bit deeper into some of the other many benefits of having a fire element or water feature in your outdoor living space.


Patio parties are wonderful, yet it might not always the warmest environment for entertaining. The chill that takes hold when the sun sets, mosquitos and inadequate lighting can really drive a crowd indoors. But features like a custom paver fire pit, built-in outdoor fireplace, or fire bowl can solve all these negatives. Not only do these elements add warmth to an outdoor space but they also help keep any unwanted pests away.

Fire is also notorious for creating ambiance. While lighting candles is a great way to set the mood indoors, a larger fire can cast an illuminating glow over the scene outdoors. Include some ambient energy efficient outdoor lighting in the space and you’ll be ready to enjoy every evening curled up by the fire under the stars.

When it comes to the expense of adding a fire element, there’s even more good news. Many would agree that the enriched outdoor experience is repayment enough, but homeowners still recoup the majority of the cost when they eventually resell. Finished outdoor spaces with fire elements included is an increasingly popular feature many buyers will pay extra for. 


Who isn’t interested in reducing the stress that seems to naturally come with modern life? One solution few readily associate with improved quality of life and less stress is an outdoor water feature. However, that’s starting to change.

Cascading fountains, reflecting (or cocktail) pools, waterfall and rain features, and more can be instrumental in unplugging from a hectic, busy lifestyle and experiencing more tranquil moments outdoors. Studies have even shown that spending time near water can stabilize blood pressure and reduce heart rate.

Water features are versatile and often serve multiple purposes. They can help cancel out noise pollution from traffic and neighbors, add an element of tranquility to the space and often become the focal point in an outdoor design.

Increasing Value: Financially, Personally, and Socially

Fire and water features have many benefits when included in an outdoor hardscape design. From helping to increase time spent outdoors, to reducing stress and adding ambiance, they serve many purposes and will continue to trend into the new year. 

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