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How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

How to Create Your Dream Outdoor Kitchen

May 04 2018

Those who enjoy grilling or just want to spend more time outdoors may find the idea of an outdoor kitchen very appealing. Having a simple grill is great, but it can be a little limiting. Typical grills only allow for few items on the surface before they fill up. It is not ideal for cooking up full meals for the family outdoors or hosting an event.

With an outdoor kitchen, the possibilities are endless. Homeowners have the ultimate cooking area right outside their home. Not only does an outdoor kitchen present a great excuse to step outside for a while, but it can end up being more versatile than an indoor kitchen. Here are some things to consider when working with a design professional to create your dream outdoor kitchen-

Decide on Appliances

The options are endless when it comes to a true outdoor kitchen. Massive grills, pizza ovens, side burners, woks, and smokers can become a part of the cooking arsenal. Moreover, since everything is happening outside, smoke is no issue.

Many homeowners find it limiting to cook certain items indoors, as the entire house can start to smoke up or smell. By setting up these exciting appliances outside, those issues are gone. Turn up the heat, cook the family’s favorite dishes and have a blast!

Assess the Design Options

It is important to come up with a design that is both practical and appealing. While there should be enough space for the appliances and those who are cooking - it is important to consider the entertainment aspect of the outdoor kitchen.

A grilling and smoking area is wonderful for cooking up delicious food. However, most homeowners will want to add stone paver walkways and decks to complete the look.

Mingle with Guests While Cooking

When the area is designed and set up perfectly, the homeowner has the ultimate home kitchen. Not only is it great for grilling, making pizzas or smoking meats, but it is also the perfect area for parties. Planning a summer cookout? A Fourth of July BBQ? A game-day party when football season kicks off? The outdoor kitchen can become the forefront of all the parties at the house!

The right design ensures that guests can easily mingle with those who are managing the food. Having separate areas for snacks and drinks means getting a refill is only a few steps away, instead of a trip to the kitchen. Homeowners can even set up a built-in fridge in the area. It just needs sufficient cover, so it is not compromised when it rains.

Have Fun While Monitoring the Kids

The backyard is the perfect spot for an outdoor kitchen. If the yard is spacious enough, homeowners can have their ultimate cookout and mingling area, while being able to see what the kids are doing too!

The adults can cook their fancy dishes, have a few drinks and relax. The kids can play in the yard or by the pool. They are doing their own thing but still supervised as they are easily visible from the outdoor kitchen area.

Homeowners can transform a boring backyard into the ultimate outdoor cooking and entertainment spot with an outdoor kitchen!

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