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A spring awakening: Why you need a staycation

A spring awakening: Why you need a staycation

Mar 02 2017

Let's face it, you spent the time to redo your outdoor space, but you haven't been able to use it much. You're always busy with work and family, and during the rare days when you have free time, you often find yourself running needed errands or doing household chores. Well great news is, Spring is right around corner. With it brings the joys of warmer weather, blooming backyard gardens, and best of all- Spring vacation! So, instead of only spending time in your backyard during the summer, why not use it as a Spring staycation destination? Skip the expensive flights to crowded tropical locales, the stress of packing for your entire family, and the struggle of getting everyone to your destination. This year, stay at home to enjoy a staycation in the comfort of your awesome backyard.

pool, pool pavers, backyard, System PaversWake up the pool so you can do a few laps during your staycation.

First things first, you'll want to warm the pool and rinse down those pool pavers. Because let's be real here, what's a vacation without a little swimming? Blow up your inflatable donut and floaty swan, and head to your own personal beach. Not only will your own pool be less crowded, but there's also no hotel rules to abide by! Have some extra fun throwing your kiddos into the deep end and use the entire pool to play water games like Marco Polo. Plus, the bar tab at your home pool will be much more affordable than the one you would have paid at the hotel. 

Fine dining on vacation is also a must, but the hotel restaurant prices are usually steep and it's always overcrowded. Why not enjoy your own fine dining right at home with the right outdoor features? What's better than a hand selected kebab of fresh bell peppers, button mushrooms, pineapple and tomatoes for an appetizer? Not much! Take to your BBQ island and let the gourmet meals begin! Maybe you've seen a few recipes since the last time you grilled that you wanted to try, and now's the perfect time to break them out! Flip through Bon Appetite and your favorite food blogs to find that perfect dry-rub seasoning for some tasty ribs or an awesome marinade for portobello mushroom burgers. Use the side burner to make stir fry for an Asian fusion evening of yummy food while you stare at the stars. You can experience all the tastes of the world without ever having to leave your backyard.

Let your backyard double as your vacation retreat!

Remember when you finally chose to replace your yellowing, muddy lawn with that lush, green artificial grass? Take advantage of that smart decision and run around barefoot on your artificial turf. Grab your dog's favorite ball and treat him to a rousing round of fetch. To entertain your human family members, try some fun yard games like bocce ball, croquet or cornhole. Turf does an incredible job of draining the remains of that winter snow and rain, so you don't have to worry about giving everyone a bath after going outside - there's no mud in sight! Don't forget to start up your outdoor water feature, too. Your custom patio won't be quite as relaxing and enjoyable without the soothing sound of moving water from your fountain.

In hindsight- who needs a long flight and expensive lodging when you can enjoy the same amenities at home? Remember to take pictures of your awesome staycation for future memories. When you post them to Facebook, your friends will all wonder what fabulous resort you went to for spring break. They'll be shocked when you tell them you stayed home!

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