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Tips for hosting an outdoor winter movie night

Tips for hosting an outdoor winter movie night

Dec 29 2016

It's December and the last thing this weather is doing is encouraging us to spend our evenings outside. But we all still long for that interaction with the world outside the walls of our home.So put an end to your your pining, and take action!  There are many ways to spend time outside even after summer ends, especially with the help of some handy warming devices. To make use of your outdoor space all year-round, why not host a winter movie night? Here are some tips to help you stay cozy and enjoy the event:

Ready your outdoor space
Don't lug your old TV out to the patio and plug it in with a long orange extension chord. This is both a pain and a tripping hazard. Instead, install an outdoor theater system. The weatherproof TV enclosure eliminates the need to move the TV when you're not using it - simply use the remote to send the screen back into the stone wall where it is safe from the elements. The TV can withstand all weather and temperatures, so it's ready to play Christmas movies or Baywatch marathons no matter the season! 

Along with the retractable TV, you'll also need an outdoor sound system. Your speakers can even be hidden in fake rocks so they look more natural and don't stick out. Use this system to provide sound for your movie night, as well as for listening to music while gardening or even hosting an outdoor dance party. Also make sure you have comfy seating, like outdoor couches and chairs. Add a few blankets to keep everyone nice and toasty during the movie.

Add some heat
Whether you live in Southern California where the temperatures require only a light jacket or Colorado where you'll need a snowsuit to stay warm, you'll likely need to add some heat to your yard. One great way to do so is with an outdoor fireplace. This awesome backyard addition provides atmosphere as well as keeping you toasty while you watch your favorite flicks! Have s'mores supplies on hand or even pop popcorn in an old-fashioned kettle over the flames. 

If you need more heat, consider investing in a backyard heater. These handy devices are used at many restaurant patios to ensure that diners are cozy while they eat outdoors. All you need to run one is an outlet for power. They're portable, so you can scoot one around your custom patio to see where it provides the best heat. Keep it on for the duration of the movie and adjust the temperature as needed - you may get too hot and have to turn it down a notch.

Invite your loved ones
Now that you know your space is ready, invite the people you love! Host the neighbors for hot chocolate and a holiday film, or even have your family over to watch old home movies. You can send out a last-minute text the day before you want to watch, or mail party invites that look like red?-and-white-striped movie popcorn bags! This is a great activity for a winter birthday or to have everyone over to relax during the holiday shopping madness.

Pick a movie
Selecting the film you'll watch should be largely based on your audience. If you're having a lot of kids come, for example, choose a G-rated film that everyone will enjoy. For a more niche audience, like your golf buddies, look for a movie that features your favorite interest. You could also host a documentary screening to share information on a topic you want to talk about like politics or the environment. Perhaps your kids are learning how to use movie editing software and they want to share their latest production - let them host their very own opening night screening complete with a red carpet and paparazzi! If you just can't pick a film, host a poll among your guests ahead of time. Along with the event invite, send an insert with four to five movie options. They can then RSVP with their favorite pick. Whichever film has the most votes is the lucky winner!

Gather the snacks, and enjoy!
When you think of the movie theater, what comes to mind? Velvet curtains, lounge-worthy seats and, of course, popcorn! Don't skimp on feeding your guests for this outdoor winter movie night. Provide popcorn and all manner of theater snacks, like sour gummies and M&Ms. 

Now kick back and enjoy using your backyard in the wintertime!