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paver patio with fountain

2 Ways To Include Garden Accessories In A Hardscape Re-Design

Published Date: Jan 19, 2018

There are a wide array of outdoor yard and garden accessories that can be completely customized to accent a hardscape design and enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Whether it’s flower pots, garden art, a stone bench, garden sculpture, tranquil fountain or an inviting fire bowl, accessories increase ambiance and offer a unique design touch to any outdoor living space. Using Garden Accessories Effectively

There are so many wonderful garden accessories that can be used to accentuate your lovely outdoor living space. If garden accessories aren’t something you’ve considered before, you may be wondering what are the best ways to incorporate them into your decor? There are two easy methods. One involves making the accessory the focal point, while the other involves using the accessory to accent a larger focal piece or focal area, such as a paver patio or shaded pergola retreat.

Accessories as the Focal Point

Ideally, each outdoor living space should have one or two focal points. Focal points are designed to draw in the attention of guests and help define zoned areas within your yard. They add depth and elegance to any space. In the same way that a 60-inch plasma TV catches the attention of someone walking into the living room, the accessory as a focal point will instantly draw in attention as well.

If your outdoor area is smaller, consider a fountain or a fire pit centered on a paver patio. The accessory immediately draws in attention and helps define the space in which it’s installed. If you have more square footage to work with, consider accenting a larger hardscape focal point with a smaller garden accessory. A built-in fireplace or fire pit with a fountain nearby is a great way to enjoy both the warmth of the fire and the tranquility of running water.

garden with fountain

Using Accessories to Boost the Focal Point

Other times, your hardscape accessories don't have to be the stars of the show. They can be as simple as a garden statue of Buddha, nestled within a flower bed or along a paver pathway. Or perhaps it’s a birth bath that’s been installed on the edge of your turf lawn among the surrounding landscape.

No matter whether you choose an accessory as a focal point or to help accent one- they’re the perfect addition to your hardscape design. Pick and choose from a variety of options, stone colors and even sizes. Each accessory can be custom selected to meet your style preferences and outdoor lifestyle needs!


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