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Outdoor Pergolas

A covered pergola is a perfect feature for any outdoor living area at any time of the year. Patio pergolas make the transition from indoor living to outdoor living easily, as it is an extension from your home. Whether you need to add shade or a protective area from wind or rain, a pergola helps define a perfect room to enjoy the best of outdoor living.

Regardless of whether you need something small for your family or you are seeking a large space to entertain a number of guests, System Pavers offers a wide variety of pergola design options to match your preferences and individual style.

Why a Pergola is Perfect for Outdoor Living

It’s no secret that pergolas are impeccable for outdoor living. When searching out pergola ideas for your space, you will find that they’re not only incredibly stylish and with attractive features, but they also offer an incredible amount of convenience and comfort. One of the biggest benefits of installing a pergola is that it can extend the amount of use you get out of your outdoor living area year-round. Pergolas are sheltered enough that you can spend time outdoors under less than ideal weather conditions, or find plenty of shade and comfort on even the sunniest days of the year.

What is the difference between a Pergola and a Gazebo?

Many people use the terms pergola and gazebo interchangeably, but there is a difference. Pergolas are an open air structure often built over a patio to provide protection from the sun and elements. Pergola roofs are generally flat or peaked and can be solid or made of a lattice work. Whether your pergola is attached to the house, or freestanding custom covered pergolas often create an extension of your indoor living space by adding a cover to your outdoor living area.

Gazebos designs are often round, hexagonal or octagonal structures with open sides and an enclosed roof that slopes upward into a cone shape. Gazebos often have built in seating along the walls. Outdoor gazebos tend to be more expensive due to the enclosed roofing and seating, and are often set away from the home.

Pergola Ideas and Options for Various Needs

Everyone has different needs as well as different styles, something System Pavers always seeks to accommodate when assisting homeowners with their outdoor pergola designs. Whether a homeowner is in need of an expansive modern covered pergola for entertaining large groups or a small pergola with a hard top roof to provide a shaded area for more intimate gathering, we are prepared to help you achieve the best pergola possible for your yard.

System Pavers Pergolas Offer Many Great Options

Your System Pavers shade products can be customized to complement the exterior of your home. Any of our pergolas can be matched to custom walkways, patio, decks, retaining walls, and other elements and add to the overall function and beauty of your outdoor living room year-round.

The pergola design that you select will be tailored to the style and architecture of your home. Whatever your design selections may be, you’ll find that a pergola will add a beauty and function to your backyard. Contact us for more information or to discuss your pergola ideas with a professional who is ready to help you make your dream a reality.

* Availability may be subject to location. Please contact us for further information.

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