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Incorporating Pergolas Into Your Hardscape Design

Published Date: Oct 10, 2016

Perhaps it has to do with the structure's allusion to a California vineyard or a quaint Italian cafe, but there is something incredibly romantic about a well-designed pergola. Many homeowners incorporate pergolas into their outdoor living design to create that charming atmosphere, while others simply enjoy the feature's versatility. After all, a pergola can be adapted to fit in nearly any backyard design all year-round. Discover these exciting ways to integrate pergolas outside your home: Let climbing plants weave their way up your pergola

A secluded space Who says a custom patio has to be attached to the house? By incorporating stone pavers beneath a pergola in a more remote area of the yard, you can easily create a secluded space perfect for relaxation. Add more privacy by weaving a curtain through the structure's rafters and letting them hang down the sides as walls. From there, you need a few pieces of lounge-worthy furniture to finish the scene.

A backyard dining room Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity - and for good reason. There's something so enjoyable about eating a delicious meals in the backyard, looking out at the scenery while enveloped in a warm breeze. Take this concept to the next level by positioning a pergola over your BBQ island.

Just like the walls of a kitchen designate a spot for eating and cooking, a pergola's structure adds purpose to the outdoor space. It allows homeowners to make the transition between indoor and outdoor living more seamless. Plus, curtain walls can keep bugs at bay while your family enjoys food hot off the grill. Just be sure the curtains are a safe distance away from the grill.

pergola and outdoor table

A pool-side cabana Create a tropical vacation right in your backyard by making a cabana out of your pergola. If you position this structure next to your pool, all you need is a canopy-type roof to block out the heat of the sun and some comfortable outdoor furniture. This is especially great for parents. You can watch your little ones swim while lounging in the shade.

An outdoor living room Turn your backyard into the ultimate entertainment destination for friends and family by building an outdoor living room. To do this, use your pergola as a roof, and have it cover some homey touches. For instance, you might position the structure over an outdoor fireplace perfect for cozying up next to as the weather cools down. You could also include some outdoor media - like a TV over the fireplace - so you have a space to invite friends on game day.

Since the outdoor living room will serve as the main gathering place in your backyard during parties or get-togethers, be sure you have plenty of places for people to sit. Weather-proof couches are great for large groups, and a coffee table in the center provides a space for people to set down food and drinks.

Pergolas are so much more than simple structures with rafters. System Pavers offers a wide variety of designs that can totally transform the look and feel of your backyard. Plus, the seamless flow from indoors to outdoors by integrating pergolas with other hardscape features gives you more use and enjoyment out of your home.

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