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Stone Varieties

Available in an impressive selection of shapes, sizes, and more, our walkway pavers can be customized to mesh with your personal style, the architecture of your home, and your desired outdoor lifestyle.

Color Varieties

Cool grays, warm neutrals, bold charcoals – the list goes on. Our designers will make recommendations based on the color scheme and architecture of your home so that your pavestone walkways will integrate cohesively with the rest of your outdoor space.

Style Varieties

Whether you want to add charm to a traditional home, create visual interest in a contemporary yard, or weave a path through a cottage-style garden, our custom paver stone walkway designs will bring newfound character to your yard and set your home apart from the rest of the neighborhood.

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A well-designed walkway easily adds depth and intrigue to any outdoor space. Our pavers allow you to transform even the most functional aspects of your yard’s design – like a walkway – into an object of beauty.


Our garden path pavers dramatically improve the aesthetic of your yard and are designed to look brand new for years without giving in to wear and tear caused by foot traffic or weather-related damage.

Low Maintenance

Your new paver stone walkways will require little to no maintenance thanks to the exceptional durability of our pavers.

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Pathways have been used for hundreds of years to create borders and visual direction. Our designers will help you reinvent this age-old design element by creating custom walkways that are entirely unique to your home. Thanks to our wide selection of customization options, there is no limit to what your new paving stone walkways can look like, and we can capture any architectural style – from traditional to contemporary – in your pathways.

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Walkway Gallery

Residential Walkway

Front Yard Walkways

See how a stone paved walkway can enhance your own front yard by taking a look at some of our completed projects.

Patio & Garden Walkways

Our stone pavers are ideal for creating enchanting patio and garden walkways. Find inspiration among our completed projects.

Side Yard Walkways

Explore our finished work to see how a stone paved walkway can improve the design and functionality of your side yard.

Additional Benefits

System Pavers 25-Year Warranty

Find peace of mind knowing your project is protected.

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System Pavers Offers

Making your dream outdoor project more affordable than ever.

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System Pavers has software to get a preview of what your home will look like after pavers installation

Get a glimpse of what your home will look like with a complimentary SP Visualizer preview.

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Walkway Paver FAQs

Can you install walkway pavers on a downhill slope?

Yes, walkway pavers can be installed on a hill as long as proper measures are taken during installation to prevent the possibility of downslope movement.

How long to walkway pavers last?

Our walkway pavers are among the most durable pathway options out there and are backed by our 25-year workmanship warranty.

How soon can I use my stone paved patio after it’s been installed?

Some digging is required to install walkway pavers. Our installation team is dedicated to cleanliness and organization to ensure minimal disruption while laying pavers.


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