Dear System Pavers,

    I wanted to take a moment to share my recent remodel experience with System Pavers. This was my third experience with construction at my house—and I was not really looking forward to it. But I have to say your company has changed my mind about the construction process. Because not only was the design aspect handled smoothly with intimate attention to our particular design needs, but once started, it went smoothly, too.

    Previous to the remodel, we really just used our backyard for a minor amount of cooking—I would go outside, cook and come back in with the food. I cook for a living so of course the cooking component is important, and when we first started thinking about redoing the space, the goal was to create an environment that combined cooking AND entertaining.

    The design on paper got us excited about making a change, but I truly had no idea how spectacular the space would be. It’s open, it’s welcoming and it’s a perfect transition between inside and outside. In fact it’s an extension of both my kitchen and living areas, allowing me to cook, teach and entertain all in one spot – and all outside.

    I am convinced one of the real keys to System Pavers is your people who made every effort to ensure everything was to our satisfaction. Sadly though, this seems rare in business these days.

    Thank you again for everything System Pavers did during the transformation of our backyard.

    It’s simply incredible.


    Dear System Pavers,

    Recently your company did some work on both my back yard and my front yard. Rod Long was my Design Consultant and Sam Salcedo was the Project Manager. Both did an excellent job before, during and after the project.

    In the front yard, I had a mow strip installed — an oval shape — with artificial turf in the middle. In the back, a semi circular patio was removed, all the lawn was removed, dirt removed, drains and drain piping installed and artificial turf installed.

    In working with Mr. Long, it was he who suggested removing the semi-circular patio so that the pavers for the new patio could run the entire length of the back of my house, about 45 feet. The new patio installed followed the curves of the previous patios. The back yard looks fantastic and green, which is a big improvement as the old lawn was dead.

    Mr. Salcedo explained the order in which things were to be done and set expectations as to how long it would take to complete the project. He also checked to see how the project was progressing and if I had any questions. To my eye, everything seemed to go according to plan. Each day I would come home from work and there was always some type of progress to view.

    The crew that did the work is also to be commended. They had to remove a lot of old, dead sod, dirt, and concrete, as well as rock from the front yard. Then they had to move a huge mass of aggregate/base material to the back yard, and they did a majority of it during a heat wave. To facilitate their work, I left the driveway open so they could leave the aggregate there, which also had the effect of getting rid of the oil spots on my driveway — which was installed by your company a number of years ago, along with a series of steps that lead to my front courtyard.

    I am very happy with the work done, how it was done, and the time frame in which it was done. And thank you for the wine, which I was not expecting.

    Carl H.


    Dear System Pavers,

    We would like to thank you for helping us with our backyard renovation. You visited our home for paver estimate. We did not know much out pavers. You were pretty thorough and knowledgeable in explaining how pavers work and are a much better choice than cement over long run.

    You have been consistent following up on the project as the work proceeded.

    Now the work is almost complete to our satisfaction except for the lighting.

    We would definitely recommend you and System pavers to our family and friends. Wishing you the best,

    Rekha P.


    Dear System Pavers,

    System Pavers is a top-notch company, with courteous and capable professionals who take great pride in the quality of their products and craftsmanship. It was a pleasure to deal with everyone from the sales staff to the paver installers.

    We initially hired another company for our patio project because that company offered a cheaper bid and promised to do landscaping work as well as pavers. The results were disastrous on every level, so we hired System Pavers to redo the substandard work as well as extend the scope of the original project. Unlike our experience with the first company, this time around workers showed up every day on time and did an outstanding job, with great attention to detail.

    System Pavers may not be the cheapest paver company in the Denver metro area, but we are convinced they are the best. Thanks to System Pavers, we have the patio of our dreams.

    Jessica and Steve


    Dear System Pavers,

    My wife and I are extremely pleased with the pave stones installed at our residence in Rialto.

    Previously we had a grass parkway fronting our property and as anyone who knows anything about lawns the antiquated sprinkler system required maintenance for broken sprinklers, the lawn required weekly mowing, periodic application of herbicides and pesticides and bottom line-it still left a lot to be desired aesthetically speaking. These factors coupled with the on going drought led us to have paver stones installed.

    Rod Long , Design Consultant, came out and measured the area and provided us with a cost estimate to our liking as well as a pattern to match the main front yard your about company installed 7 years ago.

    Wade Capps, Project Manager, arrived June 19 along with an installation crew who did a great job removing and hauling away the sod, grading the parkway and beginning installation. The following day a work crew arrived promptly and began setting the rest of the stones. At the end of the second day the parkway was transformed from a sparsely grassy area into something of beauty that we are proud of.

    We couldn't be more pleased with the reliability and professionalism of all your employees who participated in this project. We will definitely recommend System Pavers to anyone who inquires about your services.

    William M.
    Annie M.


    Dear System Pavers,

    You've heard me talking about how System Pavers just installed artificial turf in the front yard at the Persian Palace.

    For years, I've been enjoying their artificial turf in my backyard, but the FRONT yard was always a pain with natural grass. Now, as much as I like natural grass, maintenance has always been a drag, and the gardener NEVER got it right! So we decided to put in artificial turf in the front yard as well, and it looks spectacular!

    Now I have a great looking front yard AND backyard, and I don't have to worry about any of it! Plus, I'm doing my part to help save water during California's severe drought. My kids are especially thankful because I required them to take three minute showers in order to save water, and now that we have the turf in the front, they can take normal showers again because I'm not using that water for the grass!

    It's important that our neighborhood look as good as it can. When we went to build our home, we had to go in front of our HOA's architectural board several times prior to placing even one stone! They're fanatical about this stuff. So I was dreading having to go through 'the permission process' again, but we had no choice but to get their OK before we installed the turf in the front yard.

    I had to meet with the President of the HOA, and when I asked him whether I needed to go in front of the entire board to present our request and get permission to install the turf, he took one look at the photos and sample and said, "Are you kidding? This turf looks terrific! It's ten times better than the REAL grass you had before. Don't worry about going in front of the entire board; I'll tell you right now 'Permission Granted!'"

    The fact that he approved the turf so quickly and was so excited about it, says so much about what System Pavers has to offer.

    Now, all my neighbors are envious of my turf. And I love screaming at them, "Get off my turf!"

    Oh, and don't worry, our gardener still has a job and he's pretty happy because we're still paying him the same, and he just has to focus on our hillside, which he does (badly, I might add!)

    So on behalf of myself, my kids and my gardener, thank you System Pavers!

    Bill H.



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    System Pavers is the leader in outdoor living

    I showed Paul a design I had saved on my phone, and he was able to match it almost exactly. The area used to be dirt and mud. Now I am able to use the pretty 1950s wrought iron table and chairs I didn’t have a place for before.
    The team of people all had different functions. I knew there wasn’t going to be an issue when it came to accountability.
    We are so proud to show off our new System Pavers patio. No one has a higher quality patio paver area than us, hands down!

    Laurel Avery, San Antonio, TX4/21/2023

    We had a great experience working with System Pavers to install artificial turf in our backyard. From the outset, their sales rep worked closely with us to design an approach that would work
    well for our space and budget.
    The work happened quickly and on-schedule, with great communications from the project manager.
    Everything was high quality, with the best warranty available. We love it - a previously low-use
    space is now actively used by our kids.
    We highly recommend working with System Pavers!

    Tim W., Portland, OR3/4/2023

    I recently had a very good experience with System Pavers.  They were recommended to me by a friend that has used them for numerous projects.  The estimating process was smooth and the design consultant was easy to work with. Overall was a great experience and I would use them again.

    Seattle B., Seattle, WA6/23/2022

    The entire team from the design stage to coordination, project management and installation were all very professional, efficient, and friendly. They transformed our driveway, we highly recommend them.

    K1 S., Rancho Palos Verdes, CA6/16/2022

    System pavers delivered!! They were dependable, reliable, hard-working and trustworthy company. The crew showed up every day in uniform and worked like the Marine corps military soldiers. The professionalism, website and constant contact availability was top notch. Thank you System Pavers!!!

    Sarah S., Mission Viejo, CA6/2/2022

    I had a new patio installed. I couldn’t be more pleased -- every step of the process to the finished product.
    The process itself is very professional. Everything is documented on their website (you get a login to your customer portal). Everything is thoroughly explained. And it includes a warranty.
    If even something as minor as a paver is a bit loose -- they''ll come out to fix it ASAP at no charge.
    The communication is top notch.
    Highly recommend System Pavers.

    Chris C., Austin, TX5/21/2022

    From the initial meetings to review the scope of work, selecting the pavers and border, the demolition, and installation of the paver system, everyone we worked with was professional, experienced, and knew the product line. These people are builders not salesmen! 

    Dave A., Santa Ana, CA5/4/2022

    What a great experience I had with system pavers. John my designer was thoughtful and thorough: patient with all my questions and made the whole design process easy. Working with Jesus and Julio was great! Any questions or issues that arrived were quickly addressed and resolved. The crew worked incredibly hard, had wonderful attitudes. If I ever need pavers again, I will be sure to use system pavers again!

    Cristina M., Denver, CO4/30/2022

    The paver driveway they installed for me is gorgeous! Their staff was a pleasure to work with. The workers were extremely professional, and the job could not have been done better. I am extremely satisfied. Many, many compliments.

    John Primomo, San Antonio, TX4/10/2022

    System Pavers did an awesome job. The lawn looks fabulous!!!! I am loving my new curb appeal and we are getting lots of compliments and inquiries.

    Miko L., Long Beach, CA3/10/2022

    A Reliable Dependable Responsive and hard-working team! My only job was to get out of the way so that they could make their magic happen and it did! My driveway is a dream come true. Everything went like clockwork. The hardest part was to get out of the way so that System pavers could work their magic! I cried when I saw the beautiful work you did.

    Sarah B, Santa Ana, CA2/24/2022

    A Reliable Dependable Responsive and hard-working team! My only job was to get out of the way so that they could make their magic happen and it did! My driveway is a dream come true.
    The construction crew went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you, System Pavers, you delivered steak and potatoes to the dinner table.
    You started on time and ended on time. The crew showed up like military soldiers at 7:00 a.m. in uniform. All my team contacts were on the System Pavers website so I never had to ask
    questions regarding status updates, it was all right there for me.
    Everything went like clockwork. The hardest part was to get out of the way so that System Pavers could work their magic! I cried when I saw the beautiful work you did.
    Construction manager went the extra mile for me and gave me a beautiful finished product. I cannot thank you enough.

    Sarah B., Santa Ana, CA2/24/2022

    System Pavers exceeded our expectations throughout the project and we couldn''t be happier with our new patio. From the initial quote and design to the final walk through, every individual we worked with was responsive, knowledgeable, professional and friendly. Our project manager, Jesus, was fantastic! The quick and clear communication, quality of work and warranty are truly unmatched. We couldn''t be happier with our new patio and are always receiving compliments on it. Would use System Pavers again in the future for sure and would also recommend to friends and family.

    Haley K., Denver, CO2/8/2022

    System Pavers recently completed their SECOND project for us.  The quality of the work is absolutely the best out there.

    Megan B., Littleton, CO12/30/2021

    The crew did an outstanding job from start to finish. I would highly recommend them. Love that they guarantee their work too.

    Michele B., Spring Branch, TX11/17/2021

    The overall look has exceeded my expectations! We highly recommend System Pavers!

    Gray J., San Antonio, TX10/16/2021

    System Pavers created a beautiful circular driveway in front of our house. It wasn''t an easy job, but we had an excellent team from start to finish. Actually, even after "finish"! They have been responsive to our follow-up questions and concerns. Great communication all around. I highly recommend!

    Annie E., Woodinville, WA9/13/2021

    Very helpful, professional and hands on from our first meeting through the completion of my new patio.

    Jessica C., San Antonio, TX8/25/2021

    System Pavers delivered what was promised! We now have extended outdoor living that greatly enhances our outdoor options. Thank you System Pavers.

    Dea D, San Diego, CA3/15/2021

    They are fast and efficient and do high quality work that looks amazing.

    Pam A, Redmond, WA3/14/2021

    My front yard is beautiful. I am inspired to spend time here now.

    Kamini M, San Jose, CA3/14/2021

    We are extremely happy with the job that they did!

    Brette T, Lakewood, CO3/13/2021

    I already have referred System Pavers to a friend as they were great to work with and the job was just terrific!

    Stanley T, Ross, CA3/12/2021

    We are THRILLED with our new patio and can''t wait until it stops raining so we can actually use it, but the rain is showing us how well built everything is--no pooling or puddling and the rain drains away just as it should. This is going to be our favorite new room!

    Jennifer and Brent G, Wilsonville, OR1/12/2021

    The finished product is beautiful! The crew was timely, efficient, responsive and polite. The debris was cleaned up and removed everyday. The time line was followed and the project was completed on schedule.

    Debbie B, Huntington Beach, CA12/30/2020

    The folks at System Pavers were friendly, knowledgeable and did high-quality work (including clean up). I''m very satisfied with the patio and fire pit that they helped design for me, and I would use System Pavers again for future projects.

    Jim V., Denver, CO12/29/2020

    Mike developed a great design for our backyard. Everything we wanted was accounted for and we couldn''t be happier.

    Iya C., Fairfield, CA12/28/2020

    This is our second order with System Pavers. The workers were outstanding. They were efficient, respectful, and really knew their craft. They did an excellent job.

    Paula C., Colorado Springs, CO12/28/2020

    Very professional and great attention to detail. Very pleased with turf and pavers.

    Jonathan B., San Diego, CA12/24/2020

    Overall we utilize our backyard more now. We are happy with the service and response. Ryan was a fantastic project manager and did a great job! We could not be more please.

    Vicki and Steve N., Yorba Linda, CA12/21/2020

    I am beyond pleased with the work at my home. It turned out so artistic and fits so beautifully with the surrounding natural beauty. It blends in just like I wanted and is perfectly functional at the same time. A dream come true!

    Ann H., Occidental, CA12/17/2020

    They were very easy to work with and very nice. Everything they did was in a timely manner and was well explained. We are very happy with the end result.

    Erin M., Santa Ana, CA12/16/2020

    I have used System Pavers for two different projects. They do a wonderful job, have a great product, and have an amazing warranty.

    Judi B, Newbury Park, CA12/15/2020

    What an amazing transformation. This team took our back yard from a mud pit to an amazing area for outdoor living. They did some MAJOR excavation and incredible install of pavers and stairs and turf. Could not be happier with their dedicated team from start to finish. So much planning involved, such great attention to detail. 5 stars all around!

    Laura L., Portland, OR8/17/2020

    System Pavers installed a beautiful pathway from my backyard gate to my back entrance. They did a beautiful job. Communication was excellent, all the people were friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again.

    Pat J., Tigard, OR8/14/2020

    Excellent professional paver installation from start to finish. Extremely satisfied with customer service and installation quality.

    Susan and Arthur G, Los Angeles, CA7/30/2020

    From the initial meeting to the final walkthrough, we couldn’t be happier. So happy with our new patio and will definitely recommend System Pavers in the future.

    George B., Redmond, WA9/11/2019

    Very professional and always on time. The project manager was responsive to any questions that we had. Finished product looks amazing!

    Jennifer L., Redmond, WA8/18/2019

    This was our third project with System Pavers and we are pleased with every aspect of the work. The end result is even better than we expected.

    Larry W., Redmond, WA7/11/2019

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