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Understanding The 3 "Scapes" of Outdoor Design

Published Date: Nov 18, 2019

All the visible space in your back and front yard can be utilized to add value and maximize on enjoyment right outside the home. All it takes is a little help from a design professional and an understanding of what goes into creating a dreamy outdoor living space.

There are three categories to keep in mind when planning to transform your outdoors. Let’s dive into the details of each.


Softscapes are the horticultural elements of a landscape design. They help create a fluid and flexible flow in your yard. Give new life to your outdoor space by incorporating the natural beauty of softscape elements into your landscape design!

Elements that are considered softscapes include flowers, artificial turf, and drought resistant plants. A built-in planter box is great for adding florals to a space, synching hardscapes and softscapes together to create a dreamy design. There are a variety of drought-resistant plants such as Fountain Grass, Lavender, and Pride of Madeira that can thrive with little water and perfectly accent the rest of your landscaping.

A final softscape touch for your future outdoor space should be artificial turf. A low-maintenance solution to grass, artificial turf looks lush and green year-round while also reducing lawn maintenance and water usage.

patio with plants


Structural elements that are seamlessly designed alongside softscapes are considered hardscapes. These features enable you to have a space that you truly feel at home in. Hardscapes create areas for relaxing and entertaining right outside your front or back doors.

There are a multitude of different hardscaping elements such as paving stone driveways, walkways and patios, fire pits, pergolas, and water features. Pavers are the most durable and beautiful option for your outdoor surface. Fire pits and fireplaces are elegant centerpieces for making marvelous memories with the whole family, a special someone or the entire neighborhood!

Water features add a hint of relaxation and a touch of tranquility to any space. And to top things off, a built-in pergola is a must! These covered structures allow you to utilize your dream backyard during any season.

hardscape patio


A landscape design encapsulates the whole scope of an outdoor space and includes all elements that fall under both softscapes and hardscapes. Together, softscapes and hardscapes make up one beautifully landscaped outdoor environment. Integrate a seating area complimented by a water feature, so that you can transform your garden into a tranquil place to relax and read a book. Opt for a custom outdoor kitchen and fire pit surrounded by artificial grass and you’ll have the perfect entertainment area that family and friends can enjoy!

walkway with sculpture

At System Pavers we know firsthand that a new landscape design can transform your outdoors into an environment where lifelong memories are made between friends and family. Our goal is to seamlessly blend the best hardscapes and softscape options to create your own unique and personalized outdoor living space.

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