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Walkway before and after - from cracked concrete to interlocking paving stones.

The Truth About Pavers: Quality, Durability And Everlasting Beauty

Published Date: May 10, 2018

Looking for local experts in remodeling your driveway? Dreaming of adding a walkway to the backyard? Want to create a deck area near your BBQ station? There are a few materials that homeowners consider for such projects. It typically comes down to concrete, brick or pavers

While brick is an option, its aesthetic is only appealing in very limited use cases. See how brick compares to pavers, here. Concrete and pavers are the two most popular options for custom driveways, walkways and deck areas. However, when comparing paving stones to other surfaces like concrete, there is no contest, given the superior features offered by pavers for longevity, durability, and unlimited custom options.

Is Concrete a Decent Option?

The biggest selling point for concrete is the affordability. Homeowners who are on a serious budget will be inclined to use concrete.

However, most experts would suggest that homeowners wait until they can afford to remodel their driveway or yard with pavers. Unless a part of the outdoors needs immediate remodeling and the homeowner is on a very tight budget, concrete is not a great choice.

The customizability of concrete is severely limited. There are no color or style varieties. It has a tendency to crack, especially in colder weather. And over time, homeowners will start to notice the discoloration of concrete. The PSI for concrete is also remarkably low, at only 4000PSI.

While concrete should last homeowners more than a decade, the problem with repairing the surface is hard to ignore. When there is a crack in the concrete, it is very time-consuming and expensive to repair. It often requires sawing out and refilling a whole area, even for a small crack. Moreover, the refill rarely matches the color of the remaining surface.

paver walkway to front door

What Advantages Do Pavers Offer?

Homeowners who want the ultimate combination of affordability and style should settle on pavers. Customizing stone pavers is easy, given the number of different stone colors, patterns, and styles that are available. Most companies that sell and install pavers will work with homeowners to create the aesthetic that fits their home.

Given its increased density, pavers will not crack. They are also a very grippy surface, which makes them ideal for your pool surfaces as well. The likelihood of slipping on pavers when they are wet is much less likely than slipping on wet concrete.

The 8000 PSI strength of pavers is impressive compared to concrete. Moreover, when pavers are installed by System Pavers, a joint sand stabilization process is used. These stabilizers ensure weight is balanced along multiple pavers, preventing cracking because of excessive load.

house with driveway pavers

Peace of Mind with Pavers

Even if a part of a paved driveway or walkway is damaged, it just requires removing a few pavers and replacing them. Since pavers retain their color and aesthetic over decades, the newly installed pavers will look almost identical to the rest of the area.

Quality companies offer a 25-year warranty on paver installations. Homeowners can rest easy knowing their driveway, walkway or deck is future proof. It will look incredible for decades. And even if something does go wrong, the installing company will repair it without charge.

Pavers versus concrete is often the debate in many conversations; however, it is not even a contest, given the superiority of pavers.

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