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The Importance Of Installing Outdoor Lighting

Published Date: Oct 18, 2017

Outdoor LED Lighting is often overlooked when homeowners are designing their dream backyards. Every homeowner should know, though, that can enjoy more ambiance, security, beauty, and value by illuminating the exterior of their homes. Here are just a few of many benefits to installing outdoor lighting around turf lawns, among your landscaping, and on paver patio.

Security, Safety, Surveillance

No more nights of being stuck in the dark fumbling for the keyhole. By adorning a front walkway with LED lighting, residents can stride right up to their property with a well-lit path in front of them. Children and elderly homeowners will have a lower risk of falling with lighting designed to illuminate the surface of walkways and lawns, making them completely visible and more easily navigable.


Outdoor lighting is also essential for homeowners who have installed security cameras or surveillance services. Trespassers and potential home invaders are less likely to select a property that is well-lit and can also help neighbors detect any suspicious individuals that could be casing your home.


Focal Points and Curb Appeal

Homeowners are known to invest plenty of time and money into their outdoor spaces. Key products such as water featuresfire pits  and garden sculptures, are often used as focal points within an outdoor design. So why not show it off into the night with proper outdoor accent lighting? Team up with your design consultant to create a lighting design that highlights these focal point products. Uplights add depth, dimension, and reveal the beauty of any outdoor living space.


Outdoor lighting can also increase property value and help a home sell. Most realtors and listings push the fact that a tour is necessary to truly appreciate a home, but any interested parties would only need to cruise by a property with creative, inviting outdoor lighting to immediately understand the value of a home.


Another benefit to keep in mind with outdoor lighting is how it can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Instead of a dark, ghostly home, ambient lighting showcases that a homeowner cares about their property and the impression it gives off to the entire neighborhood.

long paver driveway

Setting the Mood

Your gathering doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down with proper outdoor lighting installed! With a lit patiooutdoor kitchen or artificial turf, there’s no reason to send guests home early. Hosts can take afternoon gatherings effortlessly into the evening with good friends, good conversation, and ambient lighting. Planning to host something indoors? Outdoor LED lighting will encourage crowded indoor parties to spill outside into the fresh air and flattering light.


In an age of smartphones, tablets, and virtual living, an inviting, well-lit outdoor living space can be the force to inspire any family to spend more time outside. Night swimming, evening putting practice at your personal putting green, dinner at the outdoor kitchen, or just plain old quality time around the fire pit telling stories is made possible with a proper outdoor lighting design.

outdoor kitchen with lighting

There are truly no drawbacks to adding lighting to an outdoor space. From increased value and security to an uptick in quality time spent outside, lighting is one element of outdoor design that homeowners are using to make the most of their property.

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