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Why Outdoor Lighting

System Pavers offers fully integrated outdoor lighting systems that help showcase the beauty of your home and provide the secondary benefits of safety features while extending the hours of use of your outdoor living space. Our landscape lighting design experts will help you capture and enhance your home's nighttime curb appeal. Creating the perfect mood lighting for entertaining outdoors whether you're taking an evening swim in the pool, having a BBQ dinner on the patio, or just sitting on the balcony enjoying the outdoors is part of the process of design. We will look at all of your needs and help plan an outdoor living space that not only fits within your lifestyle, but your budget too, all while providing you with the most beautiful and functional outdoor LED lighting arrangement possible for your home.

An LED landscaped lighting design is a relatively simple way to provide the perfect finishing touch that ties everything together in your outdoor spaces. You will soon see just how much an outdoor lighting installment in your backyard can do to enhance your enjoyment year round. Make it safer, more comfortable, and more beautiful with our assistance.

High-Quality Outdoor Patio, Walkway and Deck Lighting

The Color Rendering Index (CRI) describes how a light source makes the color of an object appear to human eyes and reveals the subtle variations in color shades. System Pavers' LED outdoor lighting exceeds the industry standard, providing LED lighting that scores over 80 CRI. System Pavers' long life LED lighting features come with immediate retrofit capabilities for instant energy savings. We always take every step to ensure that homeowners have access to the best quality lighting when utilizing our services for lighting design and installation.

The Many Benefits of Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting Systems

Our lights are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. Chances are, replacing your existing outdoor lighting with a fully installed SP lighting system will give you more light and reduce your energy lighting costs by as much as 85%. Unique low voltage landscape lighting systems will invariably increase the value of your home and land. This relatively small improvement could, in fact, have a significant impact on your property’s value. Not only that, but it manages this while giving your lawn, garden, patio, porch or pool the vibrancy it needs for entertaining after dark.

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