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The Difference Between Stone Pavers And Other Surfaces

Published Date: Jul 25, 2016

Just about anything—from relationships to education—is more successful with a solid foundation. The same concept holds true for paved surfaces. Your choice of paved surface type whether for a backyard patio, driveway, or walkway is key to both surface durability and overall aesthetics. That's why System Pavers uses interlocking stone pavers. When compared to alternatives like concrete, asphalt, mortar-set brick, flagstone and stamped concrete, stone pavers are better in just about every way. See for yourself why families across the U.S. are opting for this stable and beautiful material their home paving remodels. Durability How long do you want your driveway and walkways to last before they need to be replaced? If you answered "forever," then you're the perfect candidate for stone pavers. With this product's incredible durability and load-bearing capacity, your paved pathways can weather anything from icy winters to heavy trucks. In fact, stone pavers are used at the Los Angeles Union Station Bus Depot, which sees traffic from buses weighing up to 50,000 pounds, according to the American Public Transportation Association. Truly, Stone pavers will last a lifetime, saving you time, money and stress!

That's not the case with other surfaces. Consider asphalt, for example. As Angie's List explained, this material is often laid in long slabs, which makes it more prone to cracking. The interlocking pieces of stone pavers, on the other hand, allow for greater flexibility.

Plus, winter comes with an array of durability worries for other surfaces. For one, the freeze-and-thaw cycles can damage concrete, asphalt and flagstone. Meanwhile, de-icing your driveway may make walking safer, but the chemical reaction can tear up these materials. If you want to remain safe all season long and have a beautiful driveway, go with stone pavers.


What an ugly sight!

Aesthetics What would you rather look at as you pull into your house: a monochromatic surface of black or white, or a multi-colored piece of art? For the more aesthetically pleasing option, opt for stone pavers. Unlike concrete and asphalt, stone pavers allows you to control exactly how it will look. What design does your home have? Mediterranean vibes? Spanish influence? Regardless of the mode your house boasts, you can find a way to mimic that style outdoors with this product.

That said, colors aren't your only option when it comes to achieving variety. You can create myriad shapes and layouts with pavers thanks to their interlocking capabilities.

Cost The cost of your paved surfaces is often a lot more than the up-front price - except with stone pavers. With other materials, maintenance and replacement also factor into the overall financial toll. However, stone pavers are so durable, they won't need replacing. If you seal your driveway or walkways, that enhances the quality and lifespan even more, as oil puddles or grease marks can easily be wiped away with this protective covering. Don't think of stone pavers as just an upgrade - they're an investment.

You have a number of choices when it comes to paved surfaces, but the best one is clear: interlocking stone pavers. No other material gives you the same aesthetic variety and incredible durability.

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