Why Choose Pavers Over Flagstone?

While flagstone is a seemingly beautiful and often desired material, it still can't compare to the quality, durability, and functionality that paving stones offer. From performing better in harsh weather climates to offering more options for personalizing, explore the many ways paving stones are superior to flagstone.

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Don’t crack or deteriorate easily

Protected against weather-related damage

Flakes, cracks, and deteriorates over time

Exposure to the elements speeds the deterioration process and flagstone will begin to show wear soon after it’s installed


System Pavers backs every paver project we complete with a 25-year workmanship warranty

Because flagstone is a natural product, it is almost never backed by a warranty


Completely customizable

Vast array of colors, styles, shapes, and sizes available

Any pattern can be created

Naturally occurring material that cannot be customized

Very limited color selection and coloring is often inconsistent from one piece to the next

Difficult to create cohesive designs and symmetrical patterns

Curb Appeal

Improve curb appeal and help your home stand out

Retain a like-new appearance for years

Often seen as an expense that can hurt your home’s value

Detracts from your home’s curb appeal as soon as it begins to show wear, which happens quickly


Can be used to create additional outdoor elements, such as an outdoor fireplace or BBQ island

Cannot be incorporated into other outdoor elements, leading to an inconsistent outdoor living design

Pavers vs Other Materials

Other materials such as asphalt, stamped concrete, mortar-set brick, and concrete, also serve as alternative hardscape surface choices. But when it comes time to compare all their features and benefits, none are superior to pavers.

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