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The Benefits Of Increasing Beauty and Functionality Outdoors Using Paver Stones

Published Date: Jan 3, 2020

When people view your property from the curb, the functionality of the exterior features is almost just as important as aesthetic beauty. This is where choosing the best hardscape material for your outdoor surfaces comes into play. Here are a few key distinguishers as to why and how pavers are superior over concrete when it comes to adding value to your home.

The Cons of Concrete

On the surface, pouring slabs of concrete seems like an easy one-and-done solution for outdoor driveways, patios, and pathways. However, a great number of homeowners eventually regret making this investment. Here’s why.

First, is the fact that concrete is a rigid system. This means that concrete shifts and moves as the ground beneath it moves, making it more likely to crack. Being more likely to get damaged and need replacing, concrete becomes more of an expense that must be spent every 10-15 years.

On the topic of damage and replacing, you can’t simply replace one section of a concrete slab to restore the entire surface to its former glory. Crack repairs, where a section is sawed out and refilled, is very labor intensive. Even worse, is it never precisely matches the remainder of the pre-existing slab. This doesn’t seem like such a great deal when you consider there’s often no warranty on the work.

There’s also the minimal ability to customize concrete to match tones and textures of the rest of a property. Since concrete only comes in one cool-tone shade and lacks customization options, concrete more often than not doesn’t add to the existing color of a home.

paver pathway

The Pros of Pavers

Every single one of concrete’s cons can be mitigated once the value of pavers are truly understood. Let’s start by comparing the weight capacity of pavers in comparison to concrete. While concrete only comes in at withstanding 4,000 PSI, pavers can double that at 8,000 PSI.

Next, there is the joint sand stabilizer used for paver installation. This allows the weight placed onto the pavers to be distributed more evenly than that of a concrete slab, making cracks and crumbles less likely to occur.

And if a paver repair is ever needed, it’s much easier and more cost-effective to complete. Not only so all System Pavers paver installations come with a 25-year workmanship warranty, replacing an individual paver or a section of them is a breeze. They can simply be pulled out, replaced and re-stabilized with joint sand.

In addition, the customization options with pavers are endless. Property owners can match the architectural style of their home and add their own taste with a wide range of paver colors, styles and designs. This allows homeowners and designers optimal control over the exterior aesthetics that help add value to a property.

paver driveway

When it comes time to choose the most optimal surface for your home’s exterior, we hope you’ll find the most benefit in choosing pavers. Pavers provide versatility, design cohesiveness, safety, strength, and simple repair and replacement for patioswalkways, and driveways. Pavers are truly foundational to the appearance and functionality of every property’s exterior. Choose pavers and choose the option that’s a worthy investment over a constant expense. 

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