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paver front yard

Taking Curb Appeal To A Whole New Level

Published Date: Jan 14, 2012

In every neighborhood, there is one that truly stands out amongst the rest; a home that commands attention with its unique design, gorgeous gardens, precision detail, or just awe inspiring style. With a little help from the experts at System Pavers, that home can be yours!

Picture perfect curb appeal does not have to be reserved for homes on the market or Frank Lloyd Wright designs. It can be easily achieved with a few updates that are simple and affordable. Some ideas:

Do away with the concrete blahs! Dull, stained, cracked concrete that's completely void of any style is so last decade, or rather so 1970s. Replacing your driveway and walkways with rich earth tone paving stones in designs and patterns unique to you is simple and quite affordable. In just days, this one front yard fix will turn the heads of every passerby on your street.

paver driveway

Add some color. Grass gets dingy and dull no matter how much time you spend nurturing it, and when that happens it affects the appeal of your entire yard! Replacing grass that dulls each season with SP Turf gives your yard a brilliance every day that makes your entire yard look fresh. And the best part? It's maintenance free, non-toxic, and never needs watering or weed killer.

turf backyard

Be bold with ambiance. Who says your fire pit or water feature have to be in the back yard where no one can see them? Putting a sitting circle in your front yard with a fire pit or water feature adds an inviting touch no traditional yard will ever be able to compete with. Imagine the porch parties you can attract on the spot, making your home not only the most attractive, but the place where friends gather and good times roll.

Large water fountain set in paving stone courtyard with paver retaining wall and pillars

For more ideas on front yards that wow with custom driveways, walkways, and more, visit our inspiration gallery!

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