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Stand-Up Ideas For Sitting Walls In Your Backyard Design

Published Date: Feb 9, 2017

Many homeowners out there are often wondering, what would I do with a sitting wall in my backyard? What's it really for, anyway? As we discussed in a previous post, sitting walls differ from retaining walls in the fact that they don't provide structural support, but instead can increase the functionality of your outdoor living space. You can use sitting walls to draw attention to your favorite backyard water feature, as a place to take a break from a family soccer game or encourage guests to have a seat and relax during your next backyard barbecue. Here are a few sitting wall design options that can really up the ante in your outdoor areas: More space for guests, more fun to be had.

Use as benches around your custom patio Your custom patio is the perfect place to host family dinners, enjoy barbecues under the stars or even have rock out at dance parties! When it's time for people to eat or just take a break to chat with each other, where do they sit?  Sure, a table and chairs are great additions, as they make family dinners an easy affair. However, you may need more seating than that for larger gatherings, or maybe need to keep that dance floor clear of tables. Instead, consider lining your paver patio with sitting walls. These low stone structures block off part of your yard and offer a perfect spot to rest. You can even add lighting into the wall to illuminate the floors for those nighttime hangouts. 

Add in to set off stunning landscaping Do you have a green thumb or are learning how to have one? Make your home gardens and landscaping stand out by placing sitting wall borders around them so the eye is drawn to all your impressive work. When you have parties, guests can enjoy strolling along your paver walkway as they browse the wildflowers, annuals, perennials and edibles blooming in your yard. Walls may also discourage your dogs and neighborhood rabbits to stay away out of your precious plants!

pavers wall

Sitting walls divide your outdoor space into rooms.

Utilize to divide your yard into different areas The walls in your home are not just important structural features - they break up the space, designating certain areas for specific purposes. You can create a similar feel in your backyard with sitting walls. Line the border of your yard with sitting walls so you can add beautiful greenery and landscaping behind them. Place potted plants on the pillars and even add a water feature near your patio to enjoy the soothing sound of moving water. Create a pool zone too, offering seating and a border to keep wet kiddos contained to one part of the yard. 

Installing sitting walls around your patio to make it seem like an extension of your home, adding more square feet to your indoor-outdoor space and inviting guests to float from one area to the other. You can even use sitting walls to create specific zones in your yard. Maybe you have a swing set and a sandbox for your kids - use these elegant stone walls to surround the space so you can easily see what your little ones are up to. Dogs, too, can benefit from sitting walls if you make a pup-specific area. This will help you keep pet waste in one part of the yard and away from your patio.

outdoor party

Provide extra seating to guests in your backyard with sitting walls.

Does your yard have a fire pit? Create a special fire pit space by bordering it with a sitting wall. You can create a patio-like area by installing the wall 5-7 feet away from the edge of the fire pit, providing people with a place to sit. Plus, if you have pets or kids, this can prevent them from running too close to the hot fire when they play in the yard. Sitting walls also provide a shield from the elements, giving you a better chance of roasting those perfect s'mores without unwanted gusts.

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