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paver patio with pergola and outdoor fireplace

Project Highlight: Julie's Grandiose Outdoor Makeover

Published Date: Sep 12, 2017

Julie and her husband are no strangers to home remodeling projects. After spending a year-and-a-half redesigning the interior of their home, they decided it was time for the exterior of their property to get the needed upgrades it deserved. They knew they wanted a full outdoor living, dining and kitchen area installed in her new space. This would also require installation of gas lines, electrical hookups and drainage. In addition, being an avid gardener, Julie needed her new hardscape to compliment the landscaping design she had created. This way, her garden design would integrate nicely into both the new outdoor living space and existing exterior of her home. The only problem Julie had was figuring out how she was going to find time to manage the many contractors needed for her project, all while balancing her professional life and managing her household. This is when she decided to call System Pavers.

Julie had previously heard about System Pavers through the media and felt strongly about the company’s brand recognition. “When I think “pavers”, I think System Pavers”, she explains. She also knew that System Pavers could handle the many elements encompassed within her overall outdoor design. “System Pavers provided me with a ‘one stop shop’. I’m a busy professional and although I’m knowledgeable about remodels, I needed a contractor that was more knowledgeable and could facilitate the project management for each element of my outdoor design”, she adds.

As soon as they hired System Pavers for the job, the design process began. Julie’s vision was to have a complete outdoor living area that didn’t overpower the grandiose landscape design she had created. Her hardscape wish list included a full outdoor living roombuilt in kitchen, dining area, a paver pathway that connected the entire exterior of her home, paver driveway, built in fireplace extending from the outdoor dining area, paver walls and pillars, as well as an extended paver patio adjacent to her new outdoor kitchen.

multi-level paver patio

As soon as the details of the design were fine tuned to their liking, it was time to start installation. “The team was tentative, communicated efficiently and answered all of my questions throughout the entire process”, Julie notes. “It was great knowing I had the support of the System Pavers contracting team each step of the way and didn’t have to worry about hiring day laborers for the installation process,” she adds.

Installation was seamless, and now that she’s had some time to soak in her stunning new outdoor living space, she’s pinpointed her favorite element within her new outdoor design. The fireplace. “System Pavers did a beautiful job on the fireplace and I’ve never had one outdoors”, she states.

Julie and her husband are happy to share that they not only love their new outdoor living space but are extremely proud of it. “It’s expanded the space we live in tremendously, allows for entertainment on a grand scale just as we hoped it would, and I’m actually out there using it every day. I can confidently say that I’m proud of our new outdoor living space and thoroughly enjoy bringing people over to show it off”, expresses Julie.

nice patio with pergola

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