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Outdoor Remodeling for a Greener Future

Published Date: May 22, 2024

Outdoor enthusiasts understand the importance of making earth-friendly choices, especially when it comes to our own homes. The right outdoor upgrades can turn your space into an area that’s as easy to enjoy as it is on Mother Nature. Check out this list of ideas for minimizing your carbon footprint while maximizing the usefulness of your outdoors.

Think Long Term with Pavers

One of the best ways to improve your yard while minimizing long-term environmental impact is by choosing durable materials. As one of the most durable hardscape materials on the market, paving stones are an excellent choice. Unlike concrete or asphalt, which often needs replacing every ten years or so, pavers are twice as strong and designed to last for decades.

If you ever have an issue with your pavers getting damaged, it’s eco-friendlier (and less expensive!) to replace only the affected paving stones versus demolishing and hauling away large quantities of cracked, crumbling concrete or asphalt. With pavers, you’ll have an outdoor remodel you can enjoy for generations while conserving resources and reducing waste.

Before and after driveway. Left is broken asphalt and right is interlocking paving stones

Step It Up with Composite Decking

If you’ve been thinking of adding a deck or replacing a worn out one, composite decking is one of the most sustainable choices out there. Recent advancements in decking technology have led to the creation of decks with all the beauty of wood and none of the maintenance. No more rotting, warping, or splintering. And no more painting, staining, or sealing year after year. This reduces the amount of chemicals and potential toxins in your outdoor space. Bonus? You can spend all that newfound free time relaxing with a cool drink on your gorgeous new deck.

At System Pavers, we partner with industry leaders like Trex® and MoistureShield® to offer homeowners top-quality decking that’s made from more than 95% recycled materials, including plastic bags and sawdust. This use of reclaimed materials saves water, helps divert waste from landfills, and reduces the carbon footprint equivalent of keeping 45,000 cars off the road.

Decking in PNW

Go Green with Artificial Turf

Many parts of the United States deal with water shortages and drought-like conditions, especially in the summer. Whether you live in an area where water conservation is a priority or are simply tired of spending time and money on lawn maintenance, high-quality artificial turf can be a much healthier choice for your yard. By eliminating the need for watering, fertilizing, or applying pesticides you’ll save water while keeping harmful chemicals away from your family, pets, and out of local waterways. An artificial turf lawn also lowers your carbon footprint by eliminating the need for gas or electric mowers.

Note: When choosing artificial turf, materials matter! Do your homework as you’ll want turf that is free of PFAS chemicals (forever chemicals) and heavy metals such as lead. A reputable company should be able to easily answer questions about what their turf is made from and how it can impact your environment.

Artificial turf and paving stone lawn in Decatur, Georgia

Make the Bright Decision with LED Outdoor Lighting

Landscape lighting can be a wonderful way to add ambiance, increase safety, and enhance the way you enjoy your home after dark. It’s also another area where you can make eco-friendlier choices. In choosing a professionally-installed LED lighting system, you’ll limit electricity consumption while reducing the need to frequently replace bulbs. Solar lights can also be an excellent option as long as select high-quality ones. Many times, cheaper solar lights only last a season or two, ending up in the garbage and contributing to yet more landfill waste.

By making eco-friendly materials a priority for your outdoor renovation needs, you can meaningfully reduce your carbon footprint while creating an outdoor space that’s beautifully functional and easy to maintain.

outside lighting

Ready to remodel? Let’s connect with a complimentary design consultation. Our experts would love to tell you more about the many ways System Pavers can help transform your yard through earth-conscious renovations and material choices. Together, we can help ensure a healthier planet all of us can enjoy!

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