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paver installation in progress

It's Been 4 Days

Published Date: Sep 14, 2015

Guest Writer: Sam the Cooking Guy

It's been four Days since construction began on our outdoor kitchen, and it is going well.  The first day was simply removing pavers so they could get to the underground stuff: running gas lines, water lines, sewer & electrical.  You have to remember I’m putting in grills, a fridge, an ice-maker and a sink where there hasn’t been anything.  So getting to this point has meant a ton of digging, jack hammering and trenching.

My friend Justin texted me about my wife:

“Give Kelly a hug for patience.  Never met a woman who loves contractors. They love the results but hate the process”

Is that generally true?  Do women hate the process, cuz I know I don’t at all.  I mean it’s not that I love it, but I do love seeing everything come to life.  Going from nothing to something fantastic is really cool.  And I just asked Kelly and she disagrees with Justin – she does like the process.  It may be she just likes having sweaty men hanging around, but she’s quite into it.  For her I believe it’s the creativity of what’s happening. 

But here’s the real point – it doesn’t matter what you think, because it’s going to happen.  And there’s 2 ways to deal with it – you can go with it or you can fight.  But there will be dirt, a mess occasionally, need to turn off water or gas for short periods of time, people coming and going and of course something will not go as planned.  If you go into it knowing everything I just wrote is going to happen, you’ll be fine.  If you don’t, well…

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