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A Note from Sam the Cooking Guy:

I'm happy to announce I'm now part of the System Pavers family. You might wonder how a cook and a company that specializes in outdoor pavers & entertaining spaces makes sense? I'll get to that in a second, but first little about me.

I've been cooking for a dozen years on TV with my show "Sam the Cooking Guy", I also have written 3 cookbooks, I have 14 Emmys, been on the Today Show a dozen times and created a series for Discovery called "Just Cook This." I've been married to my wife Kelly for 29 years, have 3 sons and 3 dogs.

Ok, back to the System Pavers part. The simple answer is that they specialize in creating outdoor lifestyle changes. And whether that means redoing a driveway, a pathway or building the outdoor entertaining area of your dreams – it's really all about lifestyle – and that's the same with me.

I've always maintained that making your own meals, rather than simply buying it is not just better for your health, it's better for your mind. There is huge satisfaction that comes with creating something – and for me that's food. I use the phrase "big in taste & small in effort" and that means I want to eat well but not have it take forever. I think too many people see cooking as a complicated event that just isn't worth it. Well I'm here to change that.

In the coming months I'll be here to make your food life easier, tastier and well…just better hopefully. There will be recipes, tips and suggestions about what you could be cooking inside – and especially out. Because as we all know, food just seems to taste so much better outdoors. And whether you have a simple hibachi, or a full blown outdoor entertaining area, I want to help up your game.

So for now, sit back, relax and stay tuned! And if you have questions, just ask. I'm here for you.


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