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house with paver driveway

4 Game-Changers To Maximizing Your Front Yard

Published Date: Sep 15, 2021

When you pull into your driveway, are you filled with a sense of pride? Is your front yard the inviting oasis you’ve always envisioned? If the answer to either of these questions is no, it’s time for a little Front Yard Design 101.

Below is your guide on the four key components to creating the warm, welcoming look you and your family deserve to come home to every day.

1. Driveway

If your home is like most, the driveway dominates your view whether you intend for it to or not. This is why a well-designed driveway can go a long way in transforming the look and feel of your front yard.

When it comes to making an impact, materials matter. You’ll want to choose ones that complement the aesthetic of your home while also holding up to the elements. This way you’ll have a driveway you love coming home to, year after year. 

With a wide array of materials available, consider how everything from durability to color and personalization options can add to your driveway’s wow factor. Curious which is right for you? Check out this comparison chart for a quick breakdown on the difference between pavers and concrete.

tudor home with paver driveway

System Pavers Pro Design Tip: Widening your driveway is a great way to add functionality. However, never extend it to the very edge of your property line. Save room for plantings so you can create definition and add layers.

2. Your Entry Walk

A beautiful front entry walkway elicits an almost immediate emotional response – one you can enjoy using daily and welcoming guests into.

To maximize usefulness and impact, the size of your entry walk matters. If you go too small, it’s more of a path while too wide means it may compete with your driveway. Ideally, you’ll want an entry walk that’s between six and eight feet wide so two people can walk side-by-side comfortably.

Vertical elements such as pilasters or walls can enhance the entry walk look while better connecting it to your home’s architectural style. These can also be graceful tools to accommodate grade changes in your yard’s terrain.

paver walkway to house

System Pavers Pro Design Tip: Architects typically design homes around the front door. By widening your entry walk as it gets closer to your street or sidewalk, you can create depth and visually funnel the view towards your home.

3. Your Courtyard

There’s never enough real estate to do ALL your outdoor living in the backyard. That’s why it’s helpful to reclaim your front yard space by adding a patio courtyard space.

One of the most important elements in a courtyard is to use enclosing walls to give it a feeling of cozy privacy, especially when located in the front of the home. If stone walls aren’t in your budget, plants can also be used to define your space and add structure.

stone round fire pit

System Pavers Pro Design Tip: Layering plants against your courtyard’s walls can help make smaller spaces feel expansive.

4. Focal Elements

The right focal element is an expert way to add a bit of personality to your front yard. It can be something eye-catching like a fountain, tree, or sculpture or something engaging like a fire pit or fireplace.

When it comes to your focal point, don’t be afraid to go big. Scale the element to fit the yard. If it’s too small, it’ll just add visual clutter. You want it to be big enough to hold its own. Frame it, flaunt it. Make the most of your focal element and design the bulk of your yard around it.

paver entryway with fountain

System Pavers Pro Design Tip: Focal elements can also be groupings, such as a trio of planters. If you’re going to group something, it’s usually best to use an odd number to create a more balanced look.

Now it’s time to head out to your front yard and take a good look at your space. If it seems like it could use a boost, you now have the know-how to realize its full potential. Just remember, when people see you happily enjoying your outdoors, that’s the very best curb appeal your home can have!

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