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System Pavers is Poised for Continued Growth with Key Organizational Changes

SANTA ANA, Calif. – System Pavers announced a key organizational promotion as the company prepares for continued accelerated growth and expansion.

Beginning October 6, 2021, current COO, Syed Zaidi will be stepping into his new role as System Pavers CEO, where he will guide the company into a time of unparalleled new growth and expansion. He brings more than twenty years of knowledge and expertise to the position and will continue to emphasize driving sales, streamlining operations, and providing a stellar customer experience from start to finish.

Founder Larry Green will begin his role as Executive Chairman of System Pavers, predominantly focusing on the core value of System Pavers- bringing people together! As a well-known and respected leader in the remodeling industry, he will continue to build and deepen connections and relationships with vendors, and partners, and other industry leaders to support organic and new market growth.

Meanwhile, founder Doug Lueck will focus on his role as Chief Innovation Officer, leading System Pavers into the future with an emphasis on incorporating cutting-edge technology to increase efficiency and improve overall operations. This push in forward thinking will help us all prepare to meet the challenges of our industry both today and tomorrow.

Through these changes, the company remains dedicated to focusing on its core mission of bringing people together through beautifully integrated outdoor remodels.

“Our focus is on employee development, sustainable environmental practices, top-quality craftsmanship and providing unrivalled customer service that sets both us and our work apart as outdoor living specialists. As always, we will continue to fulfill our promise of delivering homeowners the most well thought out and expertly crafted outdoor space we can imagine together.” -Syed Zaidi

About System Pavers

Since 1992, System Pavers has been the leading design and installation company in the outdoor remodel industry. Homeowners can find peace of mind in knowing that we provide the latest state-of-the-art outdoor hardscape products and full-service Design Centers for their convenience. Our comprehensive design services ensure each and every project is seamless from start to finish and includes a stellar customer experience as showcased through our 95% satisfaction rating. We pride ourselves in helping homeowners make their outdoor living dreams a reality. More than 85,000 homeowners have trusted System Pavers to enhance their lifestyles through durable outdoor transformations designed to bring people together as they create memories to last a lifetime.

Published Date: Oct 7, 2021

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