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You've Got Mail - Tips for Sending the Perfect Party Invitation

Published Date: Jul 31, 2014

Written invitations for special events or parties have been around since the 18th century. During that time, invitations were used primarily by the aristocracy in England and France. The “high society” would invite their peers to social events with hand written announcements, as writing was a mark of education. Even after the printing press was invented, the aristocracy continued to hand-write invitations since “mass production” was considered in poor taste. They were not in a hurry and the invitation needed to be without error and sent in a handmade envelope. While they didn't have the mail service we have today, invitations were sent out via butler or footman, the invitation was just as important then as they are today as a way to invite guests to a special occasion. Thankfully technology has come a long way to help us expedite our invitations, and the mail service can be your best friend when it comes to sending them out to friends or family. Who doesn't like getting a beautiful card in the mail with an invitation to a party or cookout? Whether you are having a big bash or a small gathering, an invitation is always necessary, and there are some key points you will want to remember so that your invitation makes it to the addressee on time and your guests know what is expected of them. Here are a few tips to make sure you send out the perfect party invitation:

• Determine whether the event you are hosting is casual or formal and that the invitation reflects the right tone. • State clearly if “no gifts” are expected. • Include whether or not your guests need to RSVP or just “regrets only”. You will want to plan for your party based on the number of guests that respond. • When creating your invitation make sure that you have the who, what, when, where and why included in the wording. You want to make sure you guest have all the information so that they show up on time and enjoy a wonderful party! • Select the date and time so that your invitations arrive in your guests’ mailboxes no less than 2 weeks before your event date. • Address your invites and get them in the mail! Everyone loves getting a personalized envelope in the mailbox for a party. Follow these tips for your party invitation and you will have happy guests and a great party! Visit us on Pinterest to find some great invitation ideas.

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