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beach bonfire

Why You Need A Fire Pit

Published Date: Mar 2, 2015

We’ve lived in our house for more than twenty years and until a short while ago never really thought about having a fire pit.  Often a group of us would plan a trip to the beach and we’d all sit around a bonfire and have a great time. But when we thought it would be nice to have a version of our own at home – it seemed unnecessary.  “What’s the point, I’d say “we can do that at the beach.”

Then one day we went to a friend’s home for a small gathering, and everyone ended up around their new fire pit – for nearly the entire evening.  No one wanted to go inside - we ate out there, we drank out there and we certainly had a lot of fun together.  It’s that ‘everything’s better outside’ concept I always talk about – but way cooler. Somehow the glow of a fire combined with the warmth of a fire make for an unbelievable combo that makes it easy to relax and unwind.

fire pit

So now we have a firepit and can’t stop using it.  In fact we use it in pretty much every kind of weather, except the rain.  Although we're thinking about adding a pergola so we can enjoy it even when it's rainy out. Because being bundled up in lousy weather in front of a fire pit sounds like a tremendous idea!  And the only thing that bums me out is that we waited so long to make it happen.  

We opted to have a stone fire pit professionally installed by our local outdoor remodeling experts at System Pavers. It's connected to our gas line so we can turn it on and off in an instant. However, if you're looking for a more portable, less permanent solution, a freestanding fire pit like a Solo Stove can be a great addition to your yard. They even make tabletop fire bowls for homes without a lot of outdoor space. Find a full selection of fire pits, as well as other outdoor entertainment essentials like patio furniture, outdoor games, and more in the SP Outdoor Store.

I’d write more, but I’m going to go warm my toes…

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