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Why Does Having A Nice Backyard Matter?

Published Date: Apr 12, 2016

Enjoy a higher quality of life Your daily duties likely stem beyond typical homeowner chores. You may be a parent carting kids to soccer practice between cooking delicious dinners, for example. Perhaps you're a full-time employee, keeping your nose to the grindstone 40-plus hours a week. No matter what your typical day looks like, you need some relaxation, which you can do right at home with a nice backyard.

Stress is a killer - literally. As NPR explained, it's how you react to the minutiae of your day that takes the biggest toll on your health. If you tend to sweat the small stuff, you put yourself at risk for deadly conditions from heart disease to cancer. As such, it's important to create a lifestyle conducive for stress relief, and what better place to start than right at home?

Set up an outdoor area that you can truly enjoy. Relax with a glass of wine in your gazebo, kick back by the pool in a lawn chair or listen to the soothing crackle from an outdoor fireplace.

Boost the value of your home Whether you plan on selling your home or staying put in a high-value abode, an attractive backyard can raise the stakes. HGTV listed landscaping improvement in its tips for increasing home value, but you must think strategically about landscape design. For instance, low-maintenance updates like planting drought-tolerant succulents or installing artificial grass are great for rain-deprived areas like California. Plus, a beautiful lawn and garden give your backyard the right vibe for relaxation.

Enjoy more company One of the greatest perks of being a homeowner is having a space to invite family and neighbors over. After all, that's why new buyers throw housewarming events and long-time friends take turns hosting dinner parties. With an updated outdoor space, you can always be prepared to receive guests.

For instance, make dinner in a snap by grilling burgers on a barbecue island. Have an entertainment space ready to go by incorporating outdoor media like TVs and a stereo into your backyard design. Keep the festivities going all night long with an outdoor fireplace. A well-designed backyard makes it easy to throw get-togethers on a whim.

backyard party

As a homeowner, your backyard has the potential to boost the overall value of your home and provide a space to relax with friends and family. Enjoy your life with a beautiful outdoor area, and don't forget about this space on Tax Day!

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