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hot tub on paver patio

Water That Soothes The Soul

Published Date: Nov 3, 2014

As we gear up for the Gratitude Challenge soon to hit Facebook and other social media sites, we at System Pavers want to kick off the challenge and season with our gratitude for Earth! And this week, we focus on nature’s gift of water. It goes without saying that water is clearly the substance of all life. But beyond its nurturing calm, water has many spiritual qualities too. The rhythm of water flowing from a water feature calms a stressed mind, and invites our entire body to just relax. Hot tubs and pools also give us access to that calming power that only comes water. It used to be that water features, hot tubs and pools, were only available for a select few that could afford to build a beach quality resort in their backyard. But with the advancement of technology for backyard living systems, water features are amazingly affordable. And they are environmentally sound as they recycle a small amount of water instead of draining valuable water needed for agriculture and drinking purposes. Some things to think about when adding water features to your yard to up the healing, calming power of this most valuable gift from Earth: The setting: while flowing water sounds the same no matter what the water feature looks like, you can add to the overall ambiance by creating a water feature that resembles a natural setting. If you have stone walls and surfaces, find a way to integrate one into these elements to create a sense of water flowing from mountain rocks and walls. The flow: the size of your water feature makes a difference in the power of the flow and how it sounds. Some people like louder sounds while others find softer flows more relaxing. Determine which creates that perfect calm for you and get a size that follows suit. Be creative: waterfall pool edges bring together the best water has to offer. Water for relaxing or an invigorating swim surrounded by the therapeutic sounds of water falls. No matter how you choose to add water to your outdoor ambiance and experience, show gratitude for this wonderful resource by using it wisely every day, every way.

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