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Using Trellises To Create Unique And Varied Garden Designs

Published Date: Apr 12, 2015

Trellises are a classic landscaping element, not only because of their attractive appearance but because it allows gardeners to make the most of what they have, even in very small outdoor spaces. While traditional trellises are crafted out of materials such as wood in shapes such as arches and vertical "walls" there are many great design options available that can allow you to use a trellis in unique and innovative ways.

The trellis was originally developed as a functional design element for gardens with climbing plants and vegetables such as vine tomatoes, green beans, cucumber, and other similar growers. If you are growing a vegetable garden this summer and decide you want to include climbing plants, a trellis can be a great way to let your plants thrive while maintaining an attractive appearance in your garden space. Choose temporary trellis options that offer just enough room for your climbing plants to grow and thrive until the end of the season.

Of course, there are numerous types of flowers and foliage that are climbers, and that can grow beautifully on a trellis. A base of Boston Ivy, Golden Hop or Virginia Creeper can be perfect if you are looking for full coverage for a metal trellis. However, if you are looking for a little less coverage, you can opt for climbing flowers such as morning glory, Wisteria, or sweet pea, to name just a few of the options available to you.

A vertical trellis is a great option for growing flowers in confined spaces. There are numerous ways to incorporate a vertical trellis into a garden space. Consider placing vertical trellises along retaining walls, around patio spaces, or even along fencing lines in order to create intimate, closed-off spaces in your garden.

rose trellis

Arched trellises offer a classic touch to a garden space. Use smaller arched trellises to create entryways to garden spaces, while larger arched trellises help to create intimate corridors in larger gardens. Combine arched trellises with vertical trellises or even planters to create a unified look in your garden space.

Bear in mind that these represent just a few possibilities when it comes to incorporating a trellis into your landscaping. Many people never stop to think that a trellis allows for fashioning virtually any shape you can imagine. One common way of incorporating trellises into garden spaces is by crafting art pieces such as pyramids and globes, or unusual shapes such as birds or mannequins, to give your garden space and a unique folksy touch.

If you have a love for DIY projects and choose to make a trellis on your own, remember that you have far more options available to you than standard fencing or wire. Craft natural "found" wood pieces and even bamboo into beautiful and unique trellises that are perfect for climbing plants.

Once you begin to use trellises in your garden space, you will quickly find that there are a great number of possibilities. Advanced landscapers may consider options such as espaliers, in the gardener trains branches from trees (including fruit-bearing trees) along a trellis frame. Not only can this help you conserve space, but it can also give your garden a truly unique appearance.

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