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Turf 101: What You Need To Know About Artificial Turf

Published Date: May 15, 2017

Artificial turf is synthetic grass and it’s been estimated that the use of synthetic turf as a replacement for grass lawns in home landscaping and recreation is expanding by 10% - 15% each year in the United States. The reason for artificial turf’s popularity is all the many benefits it offers. It’s low maintenance, a great cost savings, and aesthetically pleasing all year. And when you choose SP Turf, you can be sure it's eco-friendly and free of toxins and forever chemicals.


Benefits of Residential Turf

Synthetic residential turf lasts for years, fulfilling the same form and function as natural grass, but without the costly, tiresome, and time-consuming regular maintenance that grass lawns require. Just imagine: no more watering (or high summer water bills), mowing, weed-whacking, seeding, weeding, fertilizing, lawn chemicals, pests or allergens


Quality artificial turf like SP Turf® looks and feels as soft and familiar as real grass, and it maintains its original, vibrant green color and perfect, even distribution for years without all the upkeep that grass lawns require.

Uses for Performance Turf

Quality synthetic grass makes for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional putting greens and lawns used for sporting or play. Imagine a pristine, vibrant putting green that’s ready to practice on any time, without constant maintenance.


Our artificial performance turf has been installed in professional sporting arenas for its cost-saving durability and ease of upkeep. For the same reasons, it will make a brilliant solution for your personal putting greens or a beautiful, durable lawn for croquet, bacci ball, badminton, soccer, or wiffle ball.



Benefits of Turf for Pets

Scratch that: this is more like ‘benefits of turf for parents of pets’! It’s near impossible for pets to dig through turf, so after installing your residential turf, there’s no more unsightly, muddy holes in your lawn or uprooted patches of grass.

If he or she could, your pet would certainly thank you for the significant lack of pesky biting and stinging insects like fleas and ticks that thrive in natural grass environments. Thankfully for you and your furry friend, these insects tend not to take up residence in artificial turf.  And no worries about your pets doing their business on the turf: it’s actually designed to drain liquids better than real grass lawns.

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Eco/Allergen Benefits for Kids

Your kids are bound to love artificial turf. It’s softer than real grass, so it’s safe and more fun to play on. With residential turf, there’s no more grass stains on clothes, scraped knees, grass allergens, or that itchy, scratchy feeling that comes from sharp, pokey grass.


SP Turf® has an antimicrobial, acrylic coated infill which is designed to prevent bacteria from growing, stay cooler than other branded artificial turf, is sanitary for kids and pets, too. 

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So there it is, your turf 101 overview. If you have additional questions or are interested in finding out more about SP Turf®, give System Pavers a call at 877-278-3778.

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