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Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends For 2018

Published Date: Jan 12, 2018

Each new year brings the excitement of new trends, new technologies and new resolutions. With so much changing year-over-year, it’s hard not to feel like you’re falling behind on the latest and greatest. And when it comes to outdoor living, trends are constantly evolving. In 2018, homeowners can expect to see a wide variety of both hardscape and décor elements that boast a personalized approach and relaxed feel. Here are the top 5 outdoor living trends for our outdoor living trendsetters to explore this year:

Outdoor Furniture Worthy of Being Interior Furniture

The latest decor trend asks homeowners to consider outdoor furniture in the same light as the furniture they would want for the interior of their home. Outdoor furniture should be comfortable, durable, easy to maintain, inviting and would ideally feature upholstery that is weatherproof.

Investing in more durable, usable and attractive outdoor furniture makes sense, especially for individuals and families that enjoy entertaining and spending quality time together outdoors.

Fire Pits and Fire Bowls

No matter the season, the time is always right to enjoy some great conversation or an evening glass of wine by a fire pit or, one of the latest fire element trends, the fire bowl. So it's no surprise that fire elements are a staple trend in outdoor living year-over-year. Both fire bowls and fire pits are great options for homeowners looking to heat up their outdoor lifestyle, and it just comes down to a choice of what is the more practical and aesthetically pleasing option. Either way, these fire elements are remaining at the top of every homeowner's wishlist for 2018.

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Colorful Fabrics & Textiles

A decade ago, most homeowners weren’t very concerned with dressing up or adding decor to their outdoor spaces as long as the space was functional and safe for the family. But with the increased desire to create an outdoor lifestyle and innovations in outdoor decor, homeowners are now requesting fabrics and textiles that are personalized not only to match their hardscape design, but their own personality and individual style as well.

If homeowners are looking to bring some outdoor furniture to life and allow their style to shine through, incorporate pillows, cushions and textiles that showcase colorful fabrics and unique designs. Patterns, bold colors and a variety of textures will make the furniture, and your personal style, shine. Homeowners can also get outdoor furniture re-upholstered professionally or do it themselves every few years. Just make sure whatever fabric is chosen is weatherproof.

Zen Gardens

Sometimes an outdoor space doesn’t need to be anything more than a peaceful sanctuary or an oasis away from a busy world. Elements such as pergolascustom water features, garden accessories with Asian influences and certain types of plants can ensure that your outdoor oasis will provide the retreat style locale you’re looking for day after day.

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Sustainable and Low Maintenance Design

Long gone are the days of endless lawn maintenance and pricey landscaping bills. Low maintenance hardscape designs including paversartificial turf and drought tolerant landscaping have become the norm in recent years. Most, if not all, homeowners will be expecting a sustainable design for exterior remodels in 2018.

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