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Top 4 Decors Themes For 2019

Published Date: Feb 24, 2019

There are truly so many ways a homeowner can incorporate décor trends into an outdoor space. From making it a cozy haven worthy of being indoors to a tribal printed boho-chic luxury living area, the possibilities are endless. Here are the top four outdoor décor themes of 2019 to help you find inspiration for your own outdoor living space! Bohemian Inspired

bohemian or “boho-chic” style originated in the 19th century and has continuously come back into trend century after century. Originating from the “free-spirited” style clothing women would wear, it quickly transitioned from floral and tribal patterns on skirts and shirts to printed fabrics for décor during the 1960s. Translating to your outdoor space, this look is easily achievable using colorful printed fabrics in a variety of tribal or floral prints. Incorporate these patterns using pillows, throws and even for your outdoor furniture fabrics.

Choosing a neutral colored stone paving for the patio will balance out the bold pops of color being used in the fabrics and furniture. To further home in on this trend, homeowners can also incorporate a landscape design to match. Succulent gardens with small cacti and rusted outdoor art will really tie in this theme throughout the entire space.

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Japanese Tranquility

Known for its calm, peaceful vibes, creating a tranquil Japanese design outdoors involves dark tone outdoor furniture with light fabric accents, stone lanterns and statues, plenty of vegetation in the surrounding landscape and of course, the sounds of running water.

Dark brown or black furniture is a primary base for this theme. Enhance these darker shades with light green, lilac or pale-yellow fabrics to bring balance into this design concept. Moving into landscape, bamboo, lotus flowers, and cherry trees will really bring this decor theme to life. Topping it off with stone accents, pagodas and lanterns are a perfect way to add unique décor elements into this space and increase a tranquil ambiance.

With endless design options for a customized water feature, it’s easier than ever to bring in the peaceful sounds of water to your Japanese themed space. Meditate by a calming rain feature or enjoy afternoon tea and your favorite book by waterfall fountain.

Cozy Aesthetics

Perhaps you are not ready to decide on one single décor theme. In this case, homeowners can opt for a cozy modern theme. Rich oak and mahogany furniture is the first place to start. Pair these color-rich materials with neutral tone fabrics such as olive green, ivory, and taupe to stay on theme. Homeowners can also consider adding lounging poufs, outdoor bean bags and hammocks to really maximize on coziness.

Another unique way to elevate a cozy aesthetic is with a firepit. Imagine stylish, modern furniture circling around a firepit, with the whole family gathered together at night. Even when the temperature drops, everyone will be comfortable and curled up in their cozy blankets.

sunk in outdoor fireplace, pavers

Mediterranean Style

The Mediterranean style is all about feeling like you’re enjoying some of the most beautiful cool coasts this world has to offer. Imagine all white furniture and accents with subtle hints of natural wood and ocean hues. A lighter, cool colored paver patio would be the ideal foundation to build upon this theme.

A swimming pool would be an incredible addition to a Mediterranean style-backyard. If you have kids, they will be obsessed with the pool during the warmer months. And you could pair it with pool pavers around the sides, for maximum safety and a beautiful aesthetic.

If your family loves to grill, you may want to include a BBQ island as part of this theme. Homeowners who have a lot of space in the backyard could even take the step of adding an entire outdoor kitchen, with stovetops, a small fridge, countertop and bar stools for seating.

white patio furniture

The options to customize your space utilizing these décor themes are endless. It’s all about figuring which design theme speaks to you and your desired outdoor lifestyle. We can’t wait to see how these trends evolve throughout the coming year.

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