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Top 10 Advantages Of Artificial Turf

Published Date: Mar 11, 2018

Tired of mowing and reseeding your lawn? Concerned about the environmental impact of watering your grass lawn? Don’t want your kids and pets around pesticides? If you're asking yourself any one of these questions, you may want to consider installing artificial turf. The look and feel of synthetic grass is better than ever, plus it's environmentally friendly, safe and economical. Less time working and more time enjoying

With artificial grass, you no longer need to mow, weed, spray pesticides or reseed. An artificial lawn just needs occasional light cleaning, rather than constant maintenance. Just use a leaf blower or plastic rake to remove objects like sticks and leaves. Sticky spills can be hosed off to prevent them from attracting dirt and bugs. In addition, artificial turf does not stain, ensuring beautiful landscaping for years to come.


Artificial grass is softer and safer than real grass and kids love playing on it. Parents love the fact that there are no more stained pants, scraped knees or grass allergies. Plus, System Pavers SP Turf® is made with antimicrobial acrylic coated infill, not ground rubber, so it is more resistant to heat absorption, giving kids a nice cool lawn to play on.

Pet Friendly

For pet owners, liquids drain right through the artificial grass. Solid pet waste can be picked up as it would be with regular grass or washed off with a hose. Plus, dogs are not able to dig through the turf, meaning no more muddy paw prints in the house.

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Environmentally friendly

With synthetic turf there is no need for watering, or dealing with the hassle of gas-powered lawn mowers that pollute the air. Plus, with no more need to apply pesticides or fertilizer, you'll have less toxins around your home and keep local waterways cleaner. It's important to choose artificial turf that's free of PFAS or forever chemicals as that will help keep our environment healthier. With System Pavers, you have no worries as ALL our turf is PFAS-free and our infill is toxin free as well.


SP artificial grass is fire-retardant and anti-flammable. Additionally, it is non-toxic and antimicrobial, so children and pets won’t be harmed if swallowed. The antimicrobial acrylic coated infill also prevents bacteria and germs from incubating in your lawn.


With no water, next to no maintenance, and no reseeding, artificial grass is less expensive over time than real grass. It is generally expected to have a 20-30-year life expectancy. In some locations, especially in drought-prone states like California, Nevada, and Arizona, residents may be eligible for rebates from their water district if they have artificial grass.

Improves Problem Lawns

Artificial grass can improve lawns with poor drainage better than real grass. Our SP Turf® grass lawns have specially designed drainage holes placed throughout the turf to ensure water drains quickly and efficiently, so it will not pool on the surface.

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No more pesky critters

Rabbits and insects will no longer ruin your lawn by eating your grass – without the use of pesticides or other chemicals that could be harmful to pets, children, and yourself!

No weeds, mold or mildew

Weeds cannot grow through the turf backing, so weeding will be a thing of the past.  Additionally, due to its extremely porous design, mold and mildew are never a problem.

Finally, artificial lawns look great

Our new generation of synthetic grass is soft and lush. You choose the length and the color that you prefer. Forever green, you can have the lawn you have dreamed of and plenty of extra time to enjoy it for years to come.

Discover how artificial turf can transform your lawn (and life!) by talking to a local outdoor design and installation expert at System Pavers. Get Started with a complimentary design consultation today.

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