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turf and paver yard

Today’s Turf: Not Just For Lawns Anymore

Published Date: Oct 6, 2014

Think turf is just for low maintenance yards? Think again. Today’s top designers are using turf to create artistic and functional designs for outdoor living spaces. Instead of a straw mat under your dining table or outdoor couches, create a turf rug. You can get synthetic turf in any size or shape and use as a colorful yet functional outdoor carpet that not only adds style, but a durable, maintenance-free surface for any outdoor setting. Artificial turf comes in many textures making it easy to adapt to any design you have in mind. Consider the following ideas: • Custom shaped turf for under your patio or pool deck chairs • Replace your patio area with turf, adding a touch of nature just outside your bedroom or dining room door • Create turf play areas for under a built-in jungle gym, putting green or maze. Besides adding a really cool and distinct look to your living spaces, turf lawns used instead of an outdoor rug offers many advantages over outdoor mats: Completely weather proof: As artificial turf is not made out of yarn or fabric fibers, weather proofing protection never wears off, making them last a lot longer than outdoor rugs available at furniture or carpet stores. Durable: Turf doesn't break down due to sun exposure or high traffic. Synthetic turf is more durable than natural lawn as well. Low maintenance: You don’t have have a specialty cleaner for your turf. Just get out the hose and spray off any debri or spill, and let it dry naturally with no concerns about odors or stains.

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