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Today Is Plant A Flower Day

Published Date: Mar 10, 2015

With springtime just around the corner, Plant a Flower Day presents you with the perfect opportunity to start getting your garden ready for the season. Whether you choose to plant an abundance of flowers in many varieties and colors or you choose just a few blooms for a splash of color in your outdoor space, there are many options available to you.

Freesia is easy to grow along the west coast, and its wide variety of colors and soft, romantic blooms make it perfect for creating a vibrant outdoor atmosphere throughout the spring and summer months. Standard freesia is white or yellow in color though one can find orange, mauve, lavender, and red variants. Since these flowers need bright, sunny areas to thrive, consider placing them along pathways or in open planters around the yard.

Early spring is also the perfect time to sow California poppy seeds. These native wildflowers do well all along the west coast as well as in areas such as Colorado. Their vibrant blooms range from orange to yellow, which lends them a cheerful appearance. Contemplate pairing them with white and yellow freesia for an elegant touch. Fill beds with these vibrant blooms, or prepare planters to sit alongside benches.

sweet pea

Sweet pea is as well-known for its fragrance as for its romantic blooms. While sowing seeds in the fall are best, sweet pea can still thrive when planted in early spring. Just remember that sweet pea needs a little afternoon shade. Additionally, it is a climbing plant and will need support so it can grow. Sweet pea can be perfect along fencing and can be trained to grow onto garden elements such as arches.

Though you may envision an outdoor area filled with bright flowers that grab the attention of guests, don't forget to include flowers that add a subtle pop of color to your garden. The delicate blue (and sometimes pink) buds of Forget-Me-Not add a touch of the whimsical to your space. They have a tendency to spread, so opt to plant them in areas where they have a little room to grow, such as flower beds lining retaining walls. Because they love moisture, Forget-Me-Nots are also perfect for adding color to areas surrounding water features in your outdoor space.

While you may have missed your chance to plant other popular flowers, such as tulips, it's always a good idea to keep them in mind as you plan out your garden this season. Also, remember that if you buy potted tulips now, you can use them to add a splash of color to your planters and entertainment spaces. Then, once they've wilted, you can replant the bulbs in your garden this fall and watch them bloom again next year. 

Flowers help bring your outdoor living area to life and can set the mood in refreshing and unexpected ways. Whether in search of traditional flowers for an English garden or a multitude of native wildflowers for an abundant and vibrant garden, now is the time to begin getting ready for the upcoming spring season.

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