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Throw Your New Year's Resolution Out

Published Date: Dec 30, 2014

Instead of repeating last year’s resolutions (and likely the year before and year before that), throw them all OUT this year. Focus on improving your outdoor living spaces instead of losing that same 15 pounds, writing the next big American novel, or getting your closets organized once and for all. Some things to consider that don’t take a lot of time or money but will add a whole new twist on outdoor living in 2015 include: Shower Outdoors: Those cool outdoor showers are not just for rinsing sand off at the beach. They can double for a naturally refreshing experience – showering in the heat of the sun or the twilight of night. Extend the paving stone surface of your pool deck into an outdoor shower area, attach a wood door, and enjoy. photo credit: themindbodyreview.com Prepare to Live on the Fly: How many times have you wanted to invite friends over for a cook out on the fly but didn't because your patio and decks were not guest worthy? Set a goal this year to de-clutter your patios and yard by adding outdoor storage to hold those unsightly garden hoses, tools, pool items, sports gear and such. Storage can be as simple as putting weather-proof yet fashionable crates under benches and tables, or building a retaining wall with storage space inside. When it comes to natural clutter like weeds in your flower beds, get creative with rocks and stones. Add gravel to your flower beds to make less room for weeds.

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photo credit: noglac.com Lose Your Water Weight: A great weight loss resolution for homeowners is to reduce their water weight by lowering consumption for outdoor living spaces. Best way to do this is to replace natural lawns with artificial turf. If that’s not for you, despite its natural look and feel today, try paving more of your yard with stone surfaces, giving you more usable hardscapes and lowering the areas that needs watering.

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All in all, making resolutions that get you OUT more will not only make your yard more beautiful to view but your home more inviting and relaxing throughout winter, spring, summer and fall. Beautiful environments soothe the soul, ease the mind and invigorate even the most tired of bodies. Doing all of the former three activities daily at home should be at the top of everyone’s New Year’s Resolutions lists! Here’s to a great and joyful 2015!

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