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backyard party

Throw an End of Summer Party

Published Date: Sep 9, 2013

The end of the summer is a bittersweet time for many people. It means the days will get shorter and the weather will get colder. However, it is inevitable; so why not send off the season with a fun party! Here are a few ideas for themes that work well for this time of year.

backyard party


A luau is a type of Hawaiian party. Ask guests to dress in tune with the Hawaiian theme, and present leis at the door. Serve food flavored with pineapple, and play some Hawaiian music thru your outdoor sound system. You can also plan fun activities to go with this theme, such as a hula dancing competition.

Vintage Barbecue

This idea involves a barbecue party with a twist. Instead of simply hosting a barbecue, give your party a retro spin. Ask your guests to dress up in 50s or 60s fashion as a homage to the golden era of entertaining. Choose a station, from the same era, from a variety of playlists on your outdoor sound system. Serve classic dishes off the barbecue such as steaks, burgers, and hot dogs. This is a simple theme to pull off because the details lie mostly in the clothes and music, and the food and drinks are easy to prepare.

great gatbsy party

Garden Party

A garden party can be a great way to end your summer. You can show off your wonderful flowers and your gourmet entertaining skills. Set up a table and a few chairs in the garden, and cut a few blossoms to use in centerpieces. Make tea or punch and a few kinds of sandwiches and other finger food. Set up a game of croquet or badminton on your turf.

Mexican Fiesta

Mexican food can really hit the spot. Make dishes like nachos, quesadillas, and tacos; these are often crowd favorites and will impress your guests. Serve margaritas with the food and tropical fruit juice for guests who do not drink alcohol. Set your outdoor sound system to your favorite Mexican station to dance the Salsa. If you really want to go all out, get a piñata; this will be especially popular if kids attend.

While it is hard to see summer end, a great party can help make it slightly less so. Before the weather changes have a few friends and family members over for some drinks and food in the backyard. Giving your party a theme is a fun way to set your event apart and make it the social occasion of the season.

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