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paver patio with seating

Three Patio Designs That Make For Spectacular Outdoor Living

Published Date: Nov 7, 2017

Let’s face it, if you’re going through an outdoor living remodel- a typical backyard patio just isn’t going to make the cut in your new design. So, begin plotting out upgrades based on designs that flip the traditional model on its axis. Whether it’s more peace and relaxation you seek, or more good times with valued company, there’s a patio design concept to suit everyone’s lifestyle.

1. Satellite Patios

Looking to take a vacation, all while staying home? A satellite patio is a perfect way to fill this need. Satellite patios are strategically placed away from the main living quarters and create the feeling of having a more secluded outdoor living area. Satellite patios are a great option for residents who want to enjoy added privacy for personal time or who want a more intimate setting for entertaining guests. 

A satellite patio can also be designed to draw attention to a focal point in the yard. It could be installed around a new or existing willow tree, surrounding a luxury stone fountain, or centered in a certain area of the garden. These patios can include custom paver designs that accent the surrounding landscape and invite people to venture further into the yard. Having a large gathering? Guests deep in conversation can break away from the crowd and enjoy a semi-private moment on your satellite patio without being completely separated from the party.

2. Garden Patios

Gardening and landscape aficionados will love enjoying a glass of iced tea on a paver patio that’s surrounded by their hard work. Your garden patio design should melt seamlessly into a rich array of flowers, herbs, and any other plantings that warrant a closer look. Garden patios are many homeowners’ favorite way to experience nature day in and day out. It makes spur-of-the-moment watering and pruning convenient, as the way is paved for the gardener to greet and treat each plant.

Also a prime spot for meditation and contemplation, garden patios provide some of the best views in outdoor living, with plenty of freedom for personal touches. Line your garden patio with raised beds, hedges, or fruit trees to create a private little outdoor nook. Add points of interest with accenting potted plants, or stone benches and bird baths that invite local wildlife to visit. 

backyard patio with pergola

3. Multi-Room Patios

Those who can’t get enough of the outdoors can take it to the limit by essentially creating another home in the great outdoors. Enjoy the best of everything the indoors has to offer while getting the fresh air and great aesthetics of the natural landscape with a full outdoor living redesign. Multi-room patios can be one large patio, designed strategically to function as multiple rooms (see picture above). For example, cushioned patio furniture can be arranged around a fire pit, with a dining area featuring tables and chairs adjacent. Further over we have an outdoor kitchen, complete with burners and extra counter space for entertaining while cooking.

Perfect for large families and the super-social, multi-room patios support large-scale outdoor camaraderie throughout the seasons. From hazy summer evenings to cozy fall nights, a multi-room patio design opens up more options for living more, outdoors.

So, go ahead, and think outside of the deck! With a wealth of options in patio design and a little help from System Pavers, anyone can build a space that will become their favorite place to relax, entertain, and enjoy more of the great outdoors. 

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