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stone mailbox and paver driveway

The 4 Benefits Of An Architectural Mailbox

Published Date: Aug 29, 2017

Unlike standard mailboxes, which offer next to zero mail security, customizability or longevity, architectural mailboxes offer numerous benefits on all fronts.

Custom Made for Your Home

Architectural mailboxes are a better option for a great many reasons. One of which, is the ability to customize the look and design of the mailbox to match that of your home. Having control over the look and feel is very important to most, as it incorporates the aesthetic of your home right down to the curb. Your home represents you and your family. It speaks volumes to those in your neighborhood, your friends and family when they visit, and to those simply passing by. It tells a story of success and paints a picture of family and togetherness. Therefore, you should never settle for something that does not contribute to the story of your home. An architectural mailbox adds to this story, representing the opening images, which provides the first impression for the rest of your home.

Uniformity is yet another aspect that should be taken into consideration when choosing the perfect architectural mailbox. When fashion designers create apparel that will become the year’s biggest trend, the focus is on balance, uniformity, and uniqueness. Balance endows a home with a sense of strength and longevity. Uniformity illustrates the melding of design and element. Uniqueness ensures that your home is unlike any other. In a world where so many things come from an assembly line, you deserve something all your own. These aspects should be employed when it comes to the look of your home, starting with your mailbox, which is a fashion statement all its own.

The Ultimate in Curb Appeal & Security

When creating a dish that tastes as delicious as it looks, chefs around the world will decorate the plate with garnish and colors that set the tone and instantly whets the appetite. The same should be considered of the look of your home from the onset. When it comes to curb appeal, emphasis cannot be placed enough on its importance. Creating a sense of beauty and solidarity at first sight is a goal for all homeowners. For most homeowners, that first site starts at the mailbox. By maintaining the ability to customize the look and feel of your architectural mailbox, you’re able to customize the first impression your home gives. Alongside the benefits of added curb appeal is the level of security an architectural mailbox provides to you and your home.

paver driveway

We live in a world where security is becoming more important than any other time in our history. The world of technology is here, regardless of how much you use a computer. Even if you reject social media or online banking, you surely still go to arm’s length to protect the log in information and passwords you DO use. With increased security top of mind, why then, would you place your banking statements, bills, or even a birthday card with a check inside in an unsecured tin box on the side of the road? An architectural mailbox is made of premier paving stones and is locked up like a safe, requiring a key to retrieve any mail. Your information will be kept safe in your very own virtually indestructible architectural mailbox. Even in a digital world, some things can still be kept safe the old-fashioned way.

For more information on installing an architectural mailbox for your home, check out our durable and expertly constructed architectural mailboxes online, or contact us at 844-888-0372. We’d love to help you secure your important information with style and elegance!

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