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getting mail

Thank A Mailman Today

Published Date: Feb 12, 2015

Photo credit: 1canoe2.com Rain, sleet, blizzards, sub-zero temperatures to scorching hot days are just part of a day’s job for postal workers throughout the U.S., doing whatever it takes to deliver on time. Today is National Thank a Mailman Day, set aside to appreciate another of life’s little things we often take for granted: mail delivered to our homes, five days a week, all year long, letting us read our favorite magazines, pay our bills, and stay in touch with loved ones in the comfort of our homes. Today, think about showing your appreciation by leaving a note of gratitude, a few cookies, or just say thanks when your postal carrier shows up. Even a smile can brighten the day of thousands of USPS delivery personnel making rounds today, and every day. Sometimes the little things make the bigger difference. If you mailbox is old and hard to open, think about adjusting the hinges. Or upgrade it all together. Today you can install stone mailboxes that hold up over time while adding a touch of style to your home. In addition to making access easier and safer for your postal carrier, stone mailboxes also add more safety and security to your mail, helping to prevent important documents containing your identity information from getting into the wrong hands. While today might be designated as National Thank a Mailman day, every postal delivery day is a good time to say thanks, even if it's just in the form of a warm smile. Thank you to all the thousands of USPS Postal Carriers dedicated to making our lives easier by delivering mail to Americans everywhere from all of us at System Pavers!

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