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people dancing

Summer Backyard Concerts

Published Date: Aug 19, 2013

Skip the pricey concert tickets and long lines this summer for the ultimate backyard entertainment and create your own series of summer concerts complete with music, sound and lighting with just the flip of a switch. Your friends will forever be grateful and so will you!

Ever since online playlists were created, accessing your favorite tunes has become easier than ever and they’re just a click away! Groove to classic songs from the 70‘s and 80‘s, or set the mood with some smooth jazz as your guests sip cocktails around the pool. Unlike your old boom box, streaming music through outdoor speakers allows you to set up zones so your kids can “rock out” to their favorite music while you and your guests can listen to yours simultaneously; conveniently controlled right at your finger tips from your smart phone or tablet.

people dancing

As the sun sets over your party, the glow of outdoor lighting will keep the fun going into the night. Like your party playlist, you can control lighting with the same ease when changing the mood by enhancing or dimming the lights. Break out your old guitar, dust it off, and summon your friends for dessert and coffee around the fire pit. By now, someone will be brave enough to start strumming and singing. Oh the memories old songs evoke!

people on a paver patio with lighting

So really, why spend extra money on concert tickets when you can have just as much fun or more in your own backyard? Why wait in long lines when you can keep your summer fun and simple! Whip up a few snacks, invite your friends over, set the music, the lights, the fire-pit, and enjoy a summer concert in your own home. Your backyard can be the perfect place to entertain while creating new memories with the ones you love.

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