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Small Details That Can Transform Your Patio

Published Date: Apr 5, 2016

Bigger isn't always better, especially when it comes to backyard design. Homeowners must recognize that the devil is in the details for creating the ultimate outdoor space, as even the smallest adjustments can yield dramatic results. Are you looking to spice up your custom patio? Make this structure uniquely you and add some design flair with these simple ideas:

Reach for the sky Depending on the type of overhead shelter you already have on your patio, you can get pretty creative with your roofing options. If you have pergola-like rafters on this structure, allow climbing plants to grow overhead. Otherwise, consider propping up a colorful outdoor umbrella to create a shady space with aesthetic beauty.

Homeowners can also secure a bit of privacy by adding curtains as do-it-yourself walls. This works well for patios with posts that already support a roof. Simply position a curtain rod between the beams and hang some weather-proof fabric like polyester.

Keep in mind that these simple designs aren't meant to totally shield your family from the elements. Rather, they add a bit of character to the backyard and give a more cohesive frame to the patio.

Add some amenities If you were looking to add some flair to your living room, you'd likely search for new furniture like an updated sofa or a shabby-chic end table. The same concept applies to your backyard. To spice up your patio, incorporate amenities! Outdoor fireplaces are a great way to stay out later on cool summer nights with family and neighbors. For food lovers, set up a dining table and chairs to enjoy meals hot off the grill.

To really modernize the patio, homeowners should incorporate outdoor media, like speakers or TV. These digital upgrades will allow the structure to become a multipurpose space for both entertainment and relaxation.

Make an entrance Glass doors are the typical gateway from a home to the backyard. However, with so many options for these structures, property owners can create a patio that's anything but standard. For example, if you're looking to turn your home into an elegant picture of sophistication, swinging French doors may suit your needs. Meanwhile, sliding glass doors are traditional, practical and great for homeowners with kids running in and out of the house.

Light up the space Modernizing your patio can be as easy as flicking a switch if you choose to update your lighting options. As with the patio door, the route you take to brighten this space has a lot of influence on the overall vibe the patio exudes. For instance, homeowners who want to build a romantic backyard venue may opt for twinkling string lights wrapped around the patio railings.

On the other hand, if your aim is to create a more cohesive space overall, you should carry over the patio lighting through the rest of the outdoor area. To do this, incorporate LED lights both around the structure and along paved paths or retaining walls throughout the backyard.

patio with pergola, fireplace, and grill

As a homeowner, your backyard is your oasis. Make upgrades to your patio that fit your unique personality.

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