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Satellite Patios: The Latest Backyard Hardscape Trend

Published Date: Apr 18, 2017

One of the most buzzed-about backyard design trends this spring sounds like a space age invention but can give your backyard a cozy feeling. A satellite patio is not unlike a traditional patio, except it's completely separate from the house itself. This makes them a versatile design element that could fit into just about any backyard landscape.

Unlike a typical deck or back porch that's directly accessible from a rear door, a satellite patio is removed from the home entirely, often by several feet. As Learn2Grow explained, this makes them a perfect addition to a backyard by acting as a "transitional area" from home to garden. The utility in this basic concept is obvious - separating the patio surface from the home affords a greater degree of design flexibility. With considerable distance between the satellite patio and the home, grilling becomes much more safe, too. And above all, satellite patios can provide a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying the outdoors from the comfort of your backyard.

Design Tips

While satellite patios allow for a great deal of freedom in design and construction, homeowners will still want to anchor them to an existing feature, rather than placing them directly in the middle of a yard. A shaded area near the perimeter might be an ideal location, particularly when up against bushes, hedges or a fence that's not too imposing. Learn2Grow also suggested fitting a satellite patio into a curved, raised flower bed, or perhaps fitting it into a water feature.

A few other scenarios in which satellite patios work well:

  • Near the pool. Using stone pavers to create a walkway from patio to pool will give guests some time to dry off but still allow some space for grass or turf installation.

  • In an area shaded by a wall or outdoor pergola, which creates an inviting atmosphere and a great spot for additional accents of flowers or stone.

  • If space and foliage permit, satellite patios could be surrounded by a garden and connected to the rest of the yard with stone pavers, setting the scene for a colorful retreat.

Materials and building

If you have the design of your satellite patio in mind, the only other step is deciding how to design it. Work with a team of professionals like System Pavers to choose the best materials for your needs, keeping in mind how you plan to use the satellite patio.

According to home builder Bob Villa, stone pavers may be among the best options for homeowners in terms of price, ease of installation and durability. Stone will last longer and produce less color fading over time compared to other materials, due primarily to its higher density. Stone pavers can also be customized to fit nearly any shape, size or color preference, from matte gray to a more natural look and feel.

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Poured concrete is another common option for patio installation due to its low cost - but don't be fooled by this deceiving option. Concrete patios tend to warp and crack in climates where regular freezing and thawing may occur throughout the year. As a more porous surface, concrete also doesn't hold up well to standing water, so proper drainage is an important consideration.

Homeowners that choose pavers for their satellite patio will also need to account for spreading over time, the result of natural, gradual movement of underlying soil. Interlocking pavers are flexible systems, allowing for the earth's fluidity. Meanwhile, System Pavers also installs a concrete edge beam around the satellite patio to prevent lateral movement. 

Talk to System Pavers for more information on how to build the perfect satellite patio for your backyard.

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