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Romantic Summer Nights

Published Date: Aug 25, 2013

Imagine stepping outside into your backyard on a warm summer evening with clear skies unveiling the thousands of stars overhead. The glow of the moon reflects on your patio as you take a stroll barefoot along the stone pathway leading you through the garden. Envision the colorful water lanterns dancing in the pool as the cool breeze greets you with the aromatic scent of rose petals guiding you to a relaxing night of soaking in a bubbling hot tub. Sound nice? Here are some tips to help create this romantic destination right in your own backyard. 

hot tub on paver patio

Rose Petals Begin earlier in the day to heat up the spa at a comfortable temperature, but not too hot. Then turn off the jets and put on the cover to preserve the heat. Shortly before "tub time," simply scatter the rose petals on top of the water. Make sure the jets remain off, so that your filter does not fill up with rose petals or you do not end up with boiled petals. If you have platforms on the sides of the hot tub, light a few candles for added intimacy. Collect the rose petals with a leaf net, turn on the jets, and enjoy a relaxing, sweet-scented soak. And of course don’t forget a big toasty towel after you step out of the spa. 

Floating Lanterns Create a little night magic by setting the mood with subtle lighting effects. A floating glow lantern adds ambiance to any outdoor setting. Hang the lantern from an umbrella, set it on a table, or float them in a pool, pond or spa. Buy several to light up a walkway, or to illuminate the circumference of your pool. 

Food & Drink Chocolate Covered Strawberries are the perfect dessert for an intimate evening. Skip the "do-it-yourself" version, and take the easy route. These days you can practically walk into any grocery store, and purchase these marvelous treats. Prepare a chilled glass of Perrier Jouet champagne for a sweet complement to your chocolate covered strawberries. There is nothing like a little summer romance. So dive on in, (pun intended), and enjoy your nighttime pool with that special someone.

Contributing Guest Blogger: Kirby Green

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