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Resolving Revolving “Resolutions”

Published Date: Dec 31, 2013

It seems there are few things that can keep up with revolving doors as easily as a New Year’s resolution. Exercise routines and weight loss programs are just a couple of New Year’s goals that seem to make it back on the list every year, with a new determination to succeed that never seems to last more than a few weeks. The common denominator for most failed resolutions, New Year’s and otherwise, is simply trying to do too much all at once instead of creating a progression plan or milestone for success, one step at a time.

Beyond losing weight, getting fit or better organized around the house or office, remodeling your home, inside or outside, can be overwhelming, and fall through the cracks without a proper plan in place. It is really easy to try to redo a whole room or yard all at once, and then find yourself out of energy, money or motivation half way through.

Here are some tips to help you plan and actually complete an outdoor living space “do over” instead of putting it on the revolving list with all those other yearly goals!

1. Assess Your Lifestyle: How do you currently use your outdoor spaces and how do you anticipate this to change as your family or lifestyle changes? If you have a young family, think how you can design your outdoor spaces to accommodate a swing set now in a setting that could be easily converted to a conversation area with a fire pit or even a basketball court.

swing set

2. Execute in phases: If you envision living in your outdoor spaces much like you do your indoor spaces, create a plan to build various outdoor rooms in phases. In the springtime, pave a corner of your yard and add a retaining wall with a water feature for quiet peaceful moments. Come summer, replace your dull and dry lawn with synthetic turf for a vibrant setting. In the fall, build that conversation area and add a fire pit for warmth during the starry nights. Executing in phases reduces disruption to your lifestyle, and minimizes stress on your budget.

3. Think of Long-Term Value: Even little things can add curb-appeal and value to your home but they don’t have to be done all at once. If you don’t plan to sell your home now, you can develop a plan to add elements, ambiance, and style to your home every few months or even years, adding value to your investment without breaking the bank.

before and after driveway pavers

To get ideas for your new outdoor living spaces, schedule a free design consultation and discover how to unlock the potential of your present and future outdoor living spaces.

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